October 2, 2023

8 thoughts on “Beekeepers demand end to NSW government culling program

  1. That sounds like unjust treatment for the beekeepers. No I wouldn’t trust these bio security officials given what’s going on in other ways to cut down our food supply. I think they should have given evidence that these bees were actually contaminated with varoa and if not then they should have been monitored instead. How are these bee keepers meant to replace so many bees. Plus it sounds like such a cruel death for these bees.

  2. The people I know who have anything to do with organic production of food including honey take great care to protect their crops animals hives.Considering the new rules to control all production and cause global shortage of life sustaining produce, it is my opinion this is deadly over-reach .
    I find it hard to believe so many people are brainlessly following orders.Mostly set by the U.N. and WHO.
    Wake up people we are heading for a famine. Think. Research.

  3. I feel it is part of an agenda, don’t countries with Varoa mite still produce honey? I have a suspicion that it is about killing off successful small business, are there big companies that still have their bee’s? I also read there are other ways of getting rid of the mites and quite simply easy to deal with, no need for killing off healthy bee’s that do not even have the mites. So tragic.

  4. The bee analogy to the convid1984-quax story for humans. And what’s the bet they try this soon with the mRNA toxic quax and a foot & mouth vax for cattle (and bear in mind that the “foot and mouth virus” has never been characterised, let alone proven to have caused one case of this condition…in common with all “viruses”…another massive hoax). It’s about smashing small producers and making pHARMa even richer. We have govts full of morons in lockstep with our enemies, the “global-parasites”…where’s that ivermectin to deal with them?!

    1. Of course, never thought about it like that, next will be dogs and cats, you can already buy their medication online. Actually that has already been done hasn’t it?, with all the vaxes they say they have to have. Never ending money spinners.

    2. Agree with Graham. I am not sure why it is that many including the bee-keepers themselves do not see the parallel between the two plandemics. As to the existence of viruses, even Louis Pasteur on his death bed, admitted that Antoine Bechamp was right and that viruses were a fabrication of the Rockefellers, who were financially supporting and pushing his theory rather than Antoine Bechamp’s, for obvious reasons. As to the moronic govt heads they are indeed in complete lockstep and know full well the ramification of all of it but blindly follow the agenda.

      Why? Simply because as predicted in the good book, the kings of the earth who have committed fornication with Babylon( false system of worship ), have now given their power onto the beast ( The papal system ) and are all pushing the agenda, not recognising the lies and deceptions behing it all, thinking they are doing a great thing. Although I must admit that many faithful Catholics, such as Michael Matt and John Henry Westen, Bishop Vigano and many others, now see straight through their own pope even going to the point of labelling him as the anti-christ an asking other faithfuls to resist.

      The time will come very soon, however, as predicted, when the same Kings of the earth after finding out how they have been deceived and lied to, shall indeed hate the beast, and remove support for her, to render her desolate. Likewise the same merchants of the earth who are also currently enriching themselves will soon weep and wail as no one will buy their merchandises, making their riches come to nothing. But it will be way too late by then.

  5. Another manufactured crisis aimed at destroying the fabric of nature and the Living Being, adding to the list of Technocratic agenda items in which all Life must essentially be annihilated.

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