December 7, 2023

6 thoughts on “NSW government expands beehive euthanasia program

  1. ‘Modelling’? I hope that the Ag Dept wasn’t supplied by Neil Ferguson’s Calculator, provider by BAMGF!
    So a] Is this the 1st time, ‘We’ have had to ‘Deal’ with THIS issue? b] How did Yer ‘Mite’ get here, local or ‘Import’ [ Fire ants & Introduced Cane toads come to mind/ along with rabbits/Goats/camels/Foxes/Dogs/Cats/ Viruses].- & ‘Quarantine SHORTFALLS’, IF the Latter! – THIS ‘Includes’ the Govt Depts ‘Involved’ Future Cross contamination effects? & c] DON’T put ya Paw up – W.H.O’s ‘Responsible’? – A VACUUM I hear! And d] I take it that ‘Testing’ DIDN’T include using a ‘Bee’ RT-PCR ‘test Kit’?
    As for ‘Australian States’ including NSW, They ALL had ZERO issues with ‘Flogging Humans’ – Standard Protocol apparently, during CONVID 19, does ANYONE ‘Believe’ They’d (Govt./ Bureau P.E.T.S).have an ‘Issue’ with further decimation of A ‘Species’ – Inclusive of Downstream Economic Collapse with ‘Lack of FREE Crop Cross pollinations’, by our ‘Striped insect’ Cohabitation species. Thank you Sisters!
    The Govt., has ALWAYS used a HAMMER as a SOLUTION – Apart from civil repression, check taxation & ‘Apparent economics’!
    Anyone expecting also, apparent shortages on Thymol Oil – Maybe sent by a ‘Train’ Near you! As long as there’s ‘Track Services – Available’! Damn Floods! Damn Fires! Damn, back to Floods! – LOL
    NO such thing as ‘Coincidences’! – ‘General Emergency Zone’ – ALL of N.S.W. –
    HUP! LOCKDOWNS FOR CONVID # Something! HUP! LOCK DOWNS FOR CLIMATE # SOMETHING! HUP! LOCKDOWNS FOR VIRILE MITES! HUP! FURTHER LOCKDOWNS FOR 5G INFRASTRUCTURE EXTENSIONS! -Er, so what ‘Imbalance’ in Sensitive Species does this ‘Play’?- Arthur Firstenberg – Along with other publications- ‘The Invisible Rainbow’, & Is the Sky really falling (Insect, including Bees Negative interactivity with ‘Wireless’ EMRs.
    Last; The Map & ‘Infection Zones’ – WHY, the large ‘Gap’ in Country between ‘Apparent Centres’ of ‘Infections’ ?
    AND; Native Vegetation Govt. -(NSW Sustainable land Management Office) Satellite Mapping on NSW Farm properties – Circa 2018 [?] – Part of U.N. Agenda 21/30/50? AND Interactive with the Newcastle Hunter Region Plan 2036 AND the Neo ‘A 15 MINUTE REGION’.

  2. I agree with John Dawe why the big gap between “infection” sites? It is all very odd indeed. How after years and years we managed to keep these mites out of Australia and suddenly they appear? Was someone asleep on the job? Imported bee’s?

  3. increasing the space between the wax sheets (frames) and making a window with glass (facing north) to allow for a better view.
    The bees begin to shed the varroa themselves.
    A sticky sheet should be placed under the frames to block the fallen varroes.
    I recommend formic acid, very effective, and recommended by Steiner almost two centuries ago

    1. Excellent Roberto, too bad Goverments only want to use chemicals which makes the whole situation worse. Read recently bee’s now have shorter lives because of so many pesticides. Sad.

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