September 23, 2023

9 thoughts on “Scientists call for mass vaccination of poultry birds to ‘stop H5N1’

  1. No doubt if we see a mass vaccination of chickens they’ll start dropping like flies and soon there will be a major shortage of chicken and eggs and people will cry out of a solution which will be gm chickens, lab grown meat or bugs!

  2. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence and an open mind can piece together the threads that are leading towards a manufactured “food crisis.” which in turn allows more opportunity for the controllers to implement the 2030 and “great reset” agendas on us all

  3. Well, finely it looks like it is happening in Oz now too. How strange that we and other countries are now suddenly having all this animal flu and strange toxic chemical spills, and if that is not enough, we have the escalating war in Ukraine and threat of WW3, but now also UFOs of one sort or another. All just coincidence, right? It is almost laughable when you really think about it. I mean the Cabal are really scraping the bottom of the barrel now – must be desperate ah! Almost forgot about the bee problem too. Are they now going to go after all the organic and free range chicken farms and people’s back yard chickens? And what sort of vaccines would they use, do you think? One big guess – mRNA. No matter if it works or not and too bad if it kills most of the livestock and poultry. That’s alright because we have plenty of fake meat on hand because it is not selling and gee, we just happen to be farming insects too. See, plenty to eat. We don’t need the environmentally discructive animals now do we?

  4. I read in USA they were testing the poultry with the PCR test!!
    God help us stay strong together and not receive the digital ID chip (the mark of the beast prophesy) to be able to function in society. I guess moving to a rural community and being off grid, ready to barter, is good preparation? Physically speaking of course! Of infinite more value is getting your soul right with Jesus!! PSALM 23 Though I walk thru the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for You are with me🗡❤

    1. That made me laugh about the PCR test, “open your beak chicken, let me take a swab”. “You will have your results in 48 hours, now for the next million chickens”

  5. Of course this is to break down the small farmers, put them out of business, so they can control all agriculture with AI. And also rememeber will make all food more costly, not just chickens and eggs. Will it come to the day when people have to hide their chickens because it will be illegal to have them? When they vaccinate all chickens with MRNA are you going to stop eating them? I am glad I don’t eat them or eggs.
    Look what happened with the bee’s, it was all small producers that were effected and banned from moving their hives, yet they allowed a special permit for the almond industry.

  6. Good post Ethan, followed by great comments. The global-parasites are SO predictable. So much happening in my life at present that I can’t recall if I sent the latest monologue of mine on Re-Gen Adelaide, re the attack on food systems. here it is:

    Food & The Enemy:

    And I did a recent interview on Cafe Locked Out with Michael and an interesting fellow, David Thrussell, a very good thinker and sceptic…and an antivaxxer well before me. His “The Forbidden Book Club” (online) is very good. I gave TOTT News several plugs during this interview…it is on the CLO website.

    Vaccination is a fraudulent practice that has never provided any benefit, only risk of disease and death. It has been one of the global-parasites’ key weapons for hundreds of years.

    Will speak at tomorrow’s Adelaide Freedom Rally, which will feature crosses representing the people killed by the quax in SA. I will not hold back on the criminal, ironically-titled, Orwellian outfit known as “SA Health”.

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