September 23, 2023

4 thoughts on “Researchers defeat facial recognition systems with adversarial mask pattern

  1. I wonder was mask mandates put in place to test out the cameras that were installed for facial recognition?

  2. For Sheeple; “What do you think Oh-Be-One?”
    – NO! The Other Obi -Wan!
    “Luke! USE the FARCE!” Facial Activation Rescinding Character Ethos.
    As for Facial recognition Systems, A.I. composite ‘Facials’ could be ‘Allied’ to Other ‘Movement’ parameters such as limb gestures or even Individuals Unique ‘Composite Tracked gait’? – Including anomalies or distortions.
    INEPT as Governments AND the Corporates ARE, they seem to be very Capable on ‘Trace /Tracking’ Tech – Sheeple input or Not!
    INEPT = Idiots Nationally Expressing Pathetic Talent.- EXCEPT ways of ‘Pulling’ Endless Revenues from Local ONLY, Citizenry!
    With INEPT in mind, I always thought of the ‘Mask Mandates’, as an Easy ‘Spot & See’, ‘Data Gathering’ @ a Glance, Compliance ratios by the General Public, for/ By our Overseers!
    So much for ANYONE still curious about whether Govts., Being @ THE Behest of the Population!
    Wellness. A.I. ‘Tracking’- Collective Composite Anatomical Physicals.

  3. As John said, tracking technologies can identify gestures and a persons unique gait, so it makes no difference even if you were wearing a burka or a ski mask.
    There’s not a chance in hell I’d ever wear a face diaper and submit to their will.
    Another reason they want people to cover their mouths is because it stops people from recognising facial expressions when communicating, thus creating distrust among the community. It furthers the divide and ability for people to come together, and therefor squash dissent against them.

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