October 2, 2023

2 thoughts on “Have you figured it out yet?

  1. Well 6 out of the 7 were vaccinated for a start. How many that go to hospital get killed off from the anti viral drug Remdesivir? It causes kidney failure and organ damage among other things. Very bad side effects including death. If that is not bad enough then the ventilator will kill them.

    By the way, ambulance ramping is nothing new. It has been going one for years in all capitol cities because hospitals are inadequate anyway. I bet half the emergencies are for vaccines reactions. The best thing one can do is not get tested and if sick never go to the hospital.

  2. The MSM & “government” of “die tod stadt”, the dead city of Melbourne, capital of the PR of Danistan (a subset of the Vacci-Nation of Ozcatraz) provide easy pickings for a master lampooner like JLB. Like > 10,000 “active cases”, 950 “cases” in one day (all false positives to a fake test…do any of these folk actually feel crook?); “then along came “Delta” “, “bracing for a month of hell” from a virus ranked 38 in causes of death in Victoria. And still the Normies believe it. Not sure what I should look up first: the 37 more important causes of death than Covid or JLB’s 37 Things Normies Believe (2016)…looks like a cosmic connection there.

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