December 7, 2023

2 thoughts on “Discussion: The COVID-induced inversion of reality

  1. In Latin, You have to WORK for it! That’s the Intellectuals & Ed Depts & Govt [Of Course] OUT. (LOL)
    Eulogy to ‘Political Elites & Would Be’s’.

    SEJANUS! nostra EMIT Perfectum,
    Sed per nostrum Mandatum non requiritur perfecta,
    Ex NOSTRO ordine NON morum habitus est, nec Cogita.
    Nunc USI sunt, per TE, missis tandem comperi,
    NOSTRA 300 Globalist Agenda necessario turpitudinem,
    nunc obsolete requiritur ad esse smothered.
    lussit tu non occupatus in Ludite,
    dimissi tyrannical imponendo ludicro,
    Disused abdominis popularis finem iudicium publicum!
    NEC ‘Socium in Labore’ via Caesaris salutaris Gratiarum,
    Socius Ligones sectam, card Aces,
    SPQR repraesentatur Absentis Mournful facies!

    OK, OK.

    SEJANUS! our BOUGHT prefect,
    But by our Commissioning not required perfect,
    By OUR order NO morals entertained nor Reflect.
    Now USED are YOU by masses finally discovered,
    OUR 300 globalist agenda inevitable uncovered,
    YOU now obsolete required to be smothered.
    Ordered are you no longer engaged in Frolic,
    Dismissed tyrannical imposing mimic,
    Disused torso Popular end decision by public!
    NO ‘Partner in Labour’ via Ceasar’s saving Graces,
    Associated Spades suit, card Aces,
    SPQR represented Missing Mournful faces!

    ‘TIS the END of ALL Historical UNFAITHFUL PUBLIC SERVANTS! (Preferably before Totally Damaging the Empire & Citizenry). Now if only we had a Tiber River locally, PLUS 1 ‘Temporary’ Tiberius! Could make a day of it, maybe have a Regatta, bring your own ‘Candidate’.

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