THE GREAT RESIST: Monumental freedom rallies take place across Australia

Hundreds of thousands of Australians took to the streets in a historic stand for freedom.

“They will own nobody, and they will be unhappy.”
Hundreds of thousands of Australians have marched across the country this weekend for MONUMENTAL freedom protests.

In one of the largest mass demonstrations ever witnessed in this country, capital cities and regional locations united as one to bring the country to a standstill.

Large crowds gathered at rallies across the country on Saturday as part of an international day of protest against COVID-19 lockdowns and vaccine mandates.

The first of three weekends of upcoming action.

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The streets of Sydney were FILLED with wave after wave of demonstrators marching through the CBD, as citizens from all walks of life took a stand against Australia’s continued dystopian shift.

A number of speeches were given, before the city was brought to a standstill with perhaps the largest crowd to gather in New South Wales to-date.


Once again TOPPING previous huge protest numbers, an estimated quarter of a million people gathered in Melbourne for an inspiring day of music, speeches and a march through the city.

Some in the crowd at Saturday’s anti-lockdown rally in Melbourne said they travelled from regional Victoria to attend the protest, with smaller protests cancelled due to attendees making the trek.


As draconian restrictions loom for the people of Queensland, 100,000 people weathered HOT conditions to gather in the City Botanical Gardens for one of the largest gatherings in the state’s history.

Comparable to only those against the Iraq War in 2003, there was barely a spot free to move as demonstrators gathered for speeches, before marching through the CBD.


The City of Churches was alive with spirit for the biggest crowd gathering to date — as an estimated 30,000 people gathered for a day of freedom actions in the city.

The people of Adelaide have made it clear they will not tolerate medical coercion. Recently, over 700 teachers are reported to have REFUSED the education department’s vaccine mandate.

Citizens from all walks of life and professions led the charge against continued biofascism.



The people of Western Australia have said ‘no!’ to continued loss of freedoms in the state, including plans to only lift restrictions when a 90% vaccine target is achieved, door-to-door jabs and more.

Carrying signs with slogans like “I just love Mark McTwat”, “unvaccinated sperm is the next Bitcoin”, and “vaccines have been hijacked to shut down critical thinking and make you sick”, the group — estimated to number more than 50,000 — gathered in Forrest Place at midday.


Police have repeatedly threatened crowds in Darwin with attending protests, after a ‘new outbreak has begun to sweep the region’ and following confrontations with the force a fortnight ago.

In the region, Binjari and nearby Rockhole have been placed into strict lockdown in response to a ‘new outbreak’, and the Australian Defence Force has been called in to help with transferring positive cases and close contacts.

Despite this, a small group DID turn out for the national demonstration!


Roughly 15,000 freedom campaigners took to the streets in the north of Queensland, baring the heat to take a stand against the QLD government’s plan to remove freedoms for the unvaccinated.

The large group gathered for speeches, before marching through the local district.


An impressive 2,000 people gathered in Hobart in perhaps the largest rally yet for the region — a far cry from the handful of people that attended during the first national lockdown of 2020.

Placards and speeches were given, as the people of Tasmania continue to connect and build!



More locations/content being added!



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4 comments on “THE GREAT RESIST: Monumental freedom rallies take place across Australia”

  1. Impressive, and especially since this is a country of 25 million, not 75, 100, or 250 million. And many more would like to attend but couldn’t get it together this time for one reason or another. Is it really the culmination, or is it just the beginning of the gathering of momentum? How about we do some of these on weekdays? I don’t see why the police should get overtime for hanging out in the sun with peaceful people.

    1. We should definitely do it during the week and go on a national strike, as it would have more impact on the sheep and treasonous politicians lives. They will have no choice, as they have given us, to listen to our message and for us to be truly heard.

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