November 29, 2023

7 thoughts on “WATCH: A look at the SIZE of Brisbane’s Freedom Rally

  1. Great to see such a large turnout! …there were quite a few in Adelaide too which I’m expecting to grow once restrictions are increased in this state.

  2. Yes, a good turnout in Gympie. It is commendable that people are passionate about a variety of issues, however, as we are on the precipice of an extremely important state issue, (the two-tier divide), that needs to be the focus of the speeches. And many speakers did address the main overarching issue and spoke informatively.

  3. A privilege to participate in such a large, spirited rally in Brisbane yesterday…by far the biggest I have ever been in. Notable messages included:

    Anastasia Pluckaduck is a fascist

    @ 36 years old, my risk of death from Covid-19 is < 0.008%. But I need an experimental vaccine to save my life? No thank you

    Three things you don't mess with: my family, my life, my freedom

    Forced vaccination is not informed consent

    All Parasites fear Ivermectin [with photos of Andrews, Morrison, A. Stasi, Dr Young, Berejiklian, Chant, Hazzard, Sutton, Dr Kelly, McGowan]

    Fauci is Filth

    Queensland: healthy one day, segregated the next

    [Placard borne by a girl about 8 yo]: I am a child, not a lab rat

    D'Ath jabs are death jabs

    What were most washed in 2020, hands or brains?

    Eugenic$ cultists $tole our health system.

  4. With all these huge rallys nationwide where many are going to be unvaxxed where they spend all day side by side yelling and chanting with spit going everywhere…where are the huge cov outbreaks???

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