September 25, 2023

8 thoughts on “Gerald Celente BLASTS Dan Andrews and Gladys Berejiklian

  1. I completely agree with his sentiments 100%. Alcoholic Andrews can fuck off. Australia is no longer Australia plain & simple. You see once the CCP money started entering the Australian political system Australia ceased to exist. Australia is just another corrupt country that lied to it’s people, sold its jobs to China & the wealthy Australians ended up making a bundle. Homelessness was born in Australia from that moment onward & it grows every single fucking day. It’s disgusting, unAustralian & a mirror of the US.
    Either uncouple Australia’s economy from China, forbid foreign ownership of land or dwellings or else Australia is gone, absorbed into the mongrelized United nations with no identity other than a dumping ground for the useless worthless fucks being born in splitsville somewhere in this hellhole of a world.

    1. Yes, I agree, Cory. Australia sold out years ago to China and bows down to them regarding all their trade policies. I am shocked at the amount of infrastructure and businesses and land sold to the Chinese as well. Just about everything we buy here is made in China. We need to become more self reliant. Australia has a diversity of climates and minerals that makes it ideal to be self sufficient .
      These Premiers and health ministers have been bought by industry and they need ousting right away. Unfortunately most of the population are asleep and don’t know what’s going on because all their information is gathered by the misinformation media, namely the mainstream media who lie blatantly.

  2. Gerald;!…. Mate, if you where in the Soviet Socialist Victorian Republic, of
    Chairman Dan, spruiking your opinion. You might get a knock on the door;
    and be dragged of to the Internment Camp, in your pyjamas; incitement, and
    whats worse, everything you said is true: No:!!!!!!

    In the SSVR, minor infringements of personal opinion, the power cartel, will
    have you cited, and you be subjected to arcane bail conditions:
    Thing is you never hear much coming out, about ‘ actual ‘ crime, but we see
    the real Crime Gerald, everyday, because as you say, it’s right in front of us:
    Old Gladys, well, she’s got Brad, the Hazzard, bully boy, running interference,
    for her and the Chanterville horror show. I reckon, their time is nearly up,
    they have pulled too many cards from the deck, and there about to go bust:

    There needs to be more of the right conversations, in reality, we need not
    be sucked into the cult of personality, these people like Andrews and Co,
    as targets of focus, as a distraction, these people, get paid for this , Andrews,
    has a pathology, he loves it, gets off on it: just look at his body language,
    Gladys, is a tough politician, who can soak it up:

    No, we need to be looking into, the real pathology of these crimes, and the
    Criminal actions, the TGA, lie after lie, unsubstantiated claims, they have
    conducted, no testing, they have no data, they hide behind legislation, that
    does not exist, conversations on the conduct of the so called National
    Cabinet, the Validity of their Committee, where did it come from:?

    It has no Validity as it obfiscates the Commonwealth, the Head of State:
    We now see, and most have not seen , except those here on this forum,
    appalling list of legislation, being pushed through, under cover of Covid,
    before that other Disasters in this country, draconian controls, for your
    safety, of course.
    Now , the Government, and I include the ‘ others’ the one in the same beast,
    want to stack , internal committees on oversight, a regular tactic, now it is
    in the Humanities, Discrimination, Human Rights, as the fog of woke, spreads,
    the smell is onerous, appointments, of ‘ right ‘ people.

    The conversations, need to be about, what the Crimes are, finding the best
    way , to go on the offensive, bury your local pollies in paper work, questions,
    No Consent, ……..and follow the money: …. find the paper trials, Why is a
    PCR Test, still in use, it has been proven to be invalid, FDA, CDC, THE WHO,
    their own documentation, makes it clear,
    So why is an EUA , experimental intervention, such as the PCR: still in use:
    A conspiracy, oh yes, a conspiracy to commit fraud, and malfeasance, and
    acts of deception. These are the conversations we should be having:

    The a’ holes, will always be there; in the theatre stage, to decieve, distract,
    to ply the emotions, to lie, and to act their part, generate anger, fear and
    irrational beliefs, getting people divided, taking sides, as they steal it all,
    right before your eyes, has it occurred to anyone why? there has been a
    consistent diet, of reality television, conditioning, acceptance of their brand,
    of normal, what’s okay in this fantasy world, they have created:!!!
    There are No Coincidences, in this World: None:!!

    1. All Roads lead to Rome as I have always stated. If one waits and watches, one will see that the at the Top of the Pyramid, giving the orders to the leaders of the whole world, is no other than the Papal System, that was changed from Pagan Rome to Papal Rome by Constantine around 312. The same Papal power that lead to the dark arges between 538 to 1798 is now making a resurgence and soon the same conditions that existed during the dark ages will prevail throughout the world,with enforcement of the Climate Agenda, for those who do not comply. History will repeat itself.

      1. Yes Legitan07, the grey, black and white Popes and their inner core minions have a lot to answer for. Would be nice to bring them to book.

    2. That Gerald Celente is great! Good points, John Schroeder. Yes, the TGA and its head, John “Anton LeVay” Skerritt hold the current Quaxling award, while Andrews and Berejiklian are previous winners.

      And yes, why is the PCR “covid test” still in use after being debunked in ca 40 countries? Can’t be because of the science, as it does not identify free, infectious viruses of any type. We know the answer: its false positives provide the perps with their pretext for unlawful lockdowns, more “tests” (more $$$ for patentholder Richard Rothschild, and more DNA for Henry Palaschuk et al), and more extreme quax coercion. That’s why, when they try to make me submit to it (eg on returning to Adelaide from Brisbane…and it will probably happen again next week), I tell them (echoing Nathan below) essentially (although in more civil terms) to fuck off… and cop plenty of time under house arrest, which I put to good use in getting fitter than ever, getting the garden into order, and sending my “13 reasons not to take the covid ‘vaccine'” flyer far and wide.

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