December 5, 2023

13 thoughts on “NSW Health re-classifies death statistics to ‘died with’ COVID | Video

  1. As long as they also have a classification “died with the covid vaccine” after a death following vaccination, it seems fair.

    1. You wrote “As long as they also have a classification “died with the covid vaccine””.
      I absolutely agree. Having survived the virus without medical treatment it would be absolutely appropriate to specifically record deaths of the injected too.
      Actually I think a daily report of how many people recovered from the virus (with & without medication) should be read out on national news each night too.

  2. This whole FEAR narrative is loosing steam and they know it.Those enlightened enough to refuse the injection will be the new GOLD standard of DNA in the years to come.They will never achieve the 80 percent they seek.
    When this all comes crashing down this will be the biggest LIE/HOAX ever in recorded history.

  3. i say again, as i have said in a previous post on totts, all this bs is still based on the fake/unproven/manipulated/false pcr that can be amplified as many times as needed to get whatever outcome is decided on the day by the quislings that believe they were put there to rule us instead of serve us.




    so any, & i mean any pcr test should be binned as fake & everyone should demand a blood test that either shows a covid19 virus or not, thats it! but hang on a minute, has the convid19 been isolated?


    has anyone asked our esteemed prof+dr+expert lizzard or bin chicken? why not?
    now they are changing definitions & terms & reactions & precautions & measures, etc, etc
    has anyone here checked the tga or atagi websites about the vaxx’s & what they’re doing about approvals? i have & there is nothing on either of them stating that they have conducted any in-house & independent studies or research on the vaxx’s or the claims made by their makers. the only info on the suitablility or efficacy of the “provisionally” approved vaxx’s is that they rely on the data given to them by the makers of the vaxx’s which tga/atagi are sure these companies are following strict guidelines (not laws) on how/when/what they disclose to these bodies. that’s it.

    so we’re in good hands when we rely on the same companies that have never in their respective histories have ever made a vaccine, who have time & time again been charged & fined billions for fraud/conspiracy/damages/harm/etc are now providing honest/clean products that are 100% beneficial to all & everything is disclosed, if asked?

    none of the idots in the press ask any meaningful questions but rather plead with these sold out dogs with things like “why didn’t you lock-down sooner?” & “when can we get back some of our freedoms?”

    and that’s the type of braindead audience these dogs expect & thrive from. who the fuck are they to decide what freedoms anyone can get? we are born free mutha fucka! no one gives you your freedom, they can take it away sure, but it wasn’t theirs to hand out whenever they feel like it.

    remember a couple of months ago india was supposedly burning bc there weren’t enough crematoriums to keep up with the convid deaths so families were burning their relos on the streets? what happened all of a sudden that we don’t hear anything about india now? well, the health depts in india said fuck this nwo bs & did something about it & started to prescribe ivermectin to anyone that asked for it & presto, no more convid deaths making the news.

    but here in oz, we’re told that ivermectin is for horses or vets use it, right? atagi says “no one asked us to do any research on it, we can’t submit a research request to ourselves” but the “experts” say we should also stay indoors (no vitamin D), wear a face diaper (recycled CO2) & constantly sanitise (immune deficiency)

    the narrative will keep changing, the police will get more powers, our kids will be exposed to more fear & lies by their teachers, unvaxxed people will be vilified or feel like outcasts bc they can’t get into venues or live freely & no one making the rules will be held to account. same ol’, same ol’.

    you can live a somewhat covid normal/new normal only if you’ve been double vaxxed says bin chicken, for now. in other parts of the so called free world, you are considered fully vaxxed only if you’ve had your “booster” or 3rd shot. i guess we’ll hear that once we get to october/november this year, bc binchicken & lizzard won’t give up their powers that easily.

    FYI; the nsw public health emergency act lasts until march 2022, unless extended by nsw parliament, let’s see what happens.



    1. a matter of logic..?

      if i DON’T get vaxxed…

      1-i may get cv19
      2-i may infect others with cv19
      3-i may die WITH cv19 (as per new reporting terminology)
      4-i most likely will recover from cv19 & be immune forever

      if i DO get vaxxed…

      1-i may get cv19
      2-i may infect others with cv19
      3-i may die WITH cv19

      +4 i may have serious side effects from the vaxx
      +5 i may become paralised from the vaxx
      +6 i may die from the vaxx

      hmmm, what to do indeed?


      Here’s another brain teaser…

      if half the pop got vaxxed & the other half didn’t (control group), we would clearly see whether it’s the vaxxed or unvaxxed that are most affected by the cv19 or the vaxx’s themselves right?

      so why the push to get 70/80/90% vaxxed including children? here’s why…

      let’s say you had 90% vaxxed & 10% unvaxxed – binchicken hopes this happens by xmas.

      if you had the same number of people in each group get sick/die the vaxxed group will look like it has a lower rate of affected people right?

      here’s how it would look…

      if you had 1000 people at 10% vs 90% (100 vs 900 people) & there were 10 people affected by cv19 in the unvaxxed group, this translates to a 10% cv19 affected rate. you would need 90 people affected in the vaxxed group to get the same rate as a comparison. but 10 people affected in the vaxxed group (even though it’s the same number of people) will get you 1.1% affected. that’s why the quislings are pushing so hard for everyone to get vaxxed asap to eliminate the control group that would expose them & their poisons for what they really are.



  4. I think it’s quite likely that the groups pushing the agenda(s) actually want the masses to get angry at these gov’ officials and have done this on purpose; firstly instructing them to tell one story, then suddenly getting them to change to another. I’m expecting more of this kind of thing to come, as more of these ‘useful idiots’ deservedly get thrown under the bus to add to the chaos. Then the cabal can offer their solution of centralized control.

  5. Good post and comments. I’m waiting for the Orwellian “Health” authorities to show some real honesty and acknowledge deaths due to “the quax”. Not holding my breath.

  6. They’re playing CYA (Cover Your Arse) now so they can plead ignorance for their earlier malevolent actions.

    There is NO virus!

    Freedom of Information Responses on CoV – 2 Now Called CoV – 19
    (There is NO VIRUS!)

    Dawn Lester & David Parker – What Really Makes You Ill.epub

    The theory of virology is false as is germ theory!

    Dr. Stefan Lanka en el “WISSENSCHAFFTPLUS – Das Magazin” de 6/2015 – Dismantling the Virus Theory. 4 pages.

    “The Contagion Myth. Why Viruses (including “Coronavirus”) Are Not the Cause of Disease” by Dr. Thomas S. Cowan, MD y Sally Fallon Morell [2020]. 246 pages.–jzkzRu4q-6_bZm_nYckw/view?usp=sharing

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