December 7, 2023

3 thoughts on “Australia’s Struggle for Monetary Sovereignty

  1. Australia needs it’s own Bank owned by the people. the profits going back to the people for development.
    Jack/John ? Lang during the 2nd world war did his best to get Australia back on it’s feet again after the war, by lowering the interest rate for new home builders.

    Print money and lower the interest to almost nil and so young families can build their own homes, home ownership brings more prosperity to developing suburbs, creates a building boom.
    But different to today, new homeowners then didn’t want to have everything new for their home furnishings, boxes were used as chairs very often, they were afraid to get into debt. Today the banks try their best to get everyone into debt, then charge high interests to the poor for not paying on time.
    The bank fees for the rich are paid for by the poor, is that fair?
    There should be a money limit for those who can’t afford the high interests. The Banks are the enemy, this was all planned by the Elites.
    We should go back to 3 bedroom smaller homes, with larger bedrooms for multiple beds in children’s rooms. People renting out homes above $300 a week , should be considered stealing from the poor, unless the ONE wage earner gets above $1,200 a week ,a quarter of the wage as it used to be.

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