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New government bill to boost ASIO’s digital spying power

Iraqi Turkmen pose with their weapons as they ready to fight against militants. Picture: AFP The federal government will grant sweeping new powers of digital surveillance to ASIO and the nation’s other spy agencies with Cabinet believed to have signed off on a raft of new laws to combat terrorism threats. The Daily Telegraph can

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New law to expand police powers to ‘move on’ protesters

Photo: ACTU president Ged Kearney via http://www.actu.org.au Unions say a plan to enable police to order people in picket lines and blockades to “move on”, and arrest those who do not, erodes the right to political protest. The Coalition introduced reforms on Wednesday extending police powers to issue “move on” orders to people who prevent

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Revealed: Australian spy agency offered to share data about ordinary citizens

NOTE: We apologise for the layout of this page. We are currently unaware of why the formatting is like this, as the ‘reblog’ option automatically does it beyond our control. We are currently trying to fix this. ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE: http://conspiracyoz.com/2013/12/02/revealed-australian-spy-agency-offered-to-share-data-about-ordinary-citizens/

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Tracking technology plan to monitor Queen Street Mall and South Bank visitors via their mobile phones

Controversial tracking technology will be deployed in Brisbane’s CBD under a plan to snoop on visitors’ movements throughout the Queen Street Mall and South Bank. The technology, from UK-based company Path Intelligence, intercepts mobile phone signals to track each person as they move around the area. But while the company insists it doesn’t collect private

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