December 1, 2023

2 thoughts on “Devolution: The Unification of Thought | Part I

  1. “We’ve got to maintain some interest for the troops”….what sort of a moron wants to send our sons and daughters into a war zone “to maintain some interest” for our troops? Tell that to all my mates that died in South Vietnam…and their families….and all the wars since. All to support the most murderous regime in the history of the world….The USA. America is NOT the world police force…they start the wars at the bidding of the military/industrial complex….they fund and run Alqaeda…then go in and bring “peace” to the targeted regime by bombing the shit out of it, and it’s infrastructure, until it is back in the stone age. Big Biz then moves in and the real money starts. I’ve got an idea…send the Defence Minister to a war zone…take the BIG BANKERS with him…and BIG PHARMA…with all their poisonous vaccines…while I am on it…add.the bureaucrats who are putting fluoride in our water supplies…we could get rid of most of the human garbage…they want fighting…let them fight. NOTHING justifies the killing of innocent kids….black,white or brindle…look up the quote by Madeline Albright…when asked about the 500,000 women and children who died in Iraq…she responded..”it was worth it”. FOR WHO?

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