Global Geo-engineering Protest Hits Brisbane


Real News Australia

Activists take to the streets of Brisbane among other major cities around the world to raise awareness about the dangers of geo-engineering.

By General Maddox.
Under a warm sun and ironically a naturally cloudy sky, approximately 25 Brisbanites set up camp adjacent the Treasury Casino at the top of the Queen Street Mall today. Apart from their anti-chemtrail t-shirts, banners, flyers and DVD’s one could have easily assumed that these folk were your typical ordinary Aussies.

What sets them apart from everyone else however is their lack of apathy. And thank goodness for that. If it wasn’t for the South East Queenslanders Against Chemtrails & Geo-engineering group dozens of passer-by’s would have continued on their merry way through the streets of Brisbane unaware of what’s going on in the skies above them.

The groups main objective is to raise awareness on the issue of weather modification carried out by means…

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