Fluoride Double Dosing Causes Closure


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*** UPDATED *** 10 AUGUST, 2013

As promised new information has come to light regarding the so-called plant closure last weekend. Let’s just say that the mainstream media, the Courier Mail to be precise, had heavily exaggerated the claims.

To be precise, the plant DID NOT close. If we closed the plant down Brisbane wouldn’t have any water. And Brisbane most certainly still had water. The only thing that was “closed” was the equipment that feeds in the hydrofluorosilicic acid. That’s it. No huge plant closure or anything that drastic.

As mentioned below, there is no disclosure in the original article by the Courier Mail of just what happened at the plant that resulted in the so-called closure. The incident was likely a combination of mechanical failure and human error that lead to the shut off. No further details were given.

One other interesting bit of information that came across…

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