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Tracking bracelets floated as quarantine measure

As authorities continue to express anger at Australian citizens breaching COVID-19 restrictions, new methods of enforcement are now being pushed by the establishment.

Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Professor Michael Kidd, recently appeared on Sunrise to discuss the possibility of ankle and wrist tracking to ensure isolation rules are being met.


Social distancing will merge with facial recognition

Artificial intelligence and facial recognition technology will soon be used to monitor social distancing and as an ‘enhancement’ for systems such as temperature checks, experts say.

The technology will be able to detect those with high temperatures and individuals not following COVID-19 directives, alerting businesses of any breaches via CCTV cameras.


New Zealand bill will expand internet censorship

Legislation introduced to New Zealand’s parliament will vastly expand the power of state agencies to censor and remove online content deemed “objectionable”.

The culmination of pushes since the Christchurch event, the move will enable the ‘Chief Censor’ to issue takedown notices and create internet filters, concerning privacy advocates.



Creating a New World Matrix? | FFT

The rise of augmented reality (AR) is set to hit a new level, with features inside the game Pokemon Go set to encourage players to upload 3D scans of real-world locations.

Major tech companies are all developing AR/VR products in preparation for the mass expansion of these devices as ‘solutions’ to world problems as the transhumanist push continues.


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