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Work devices also used by children, despite cybersecurity concerns

UK: A new survey has revealed that quarter of work devices are also used by children for home-use purposes, despite a number of cybersecurity concerns.

Device sharing may leave workers vulnerable to cyberattacks, as the blurring between personal and work use results in inadequate security provisions.


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AI could cause ‘1984 by 2024’, says Microsoft President

George Orwell’s dystopian vision of the world in Nineteen Eighty-Four “could come to pass in 2024” if artificial intelligence is not better regulated, the President of Microsoft has warned.

A new documentary shines light on the dark side of artificial intelligence in the modern world and calls on authorities to enact stricter laws to govern AI.


Secret State Uncovered: The Monitoring of Australia

In the years since September 11th, Australia has experienced significant shifts in traditional legal frameworks, with ‘hyper-legislative’ responses to the ‘war on terror’ only the beginning.

Through the interplay between law and order policy platforms, our country has witnessed a multi-dimensional normalisation of mass surveillance in new contexts.



Why Homeowners Need Residential Proxies – All You Need To Know

Internet safety is a matter of great concern in today’s world. With hackers on one hand, and insane regulations on the other, the common people are the ones getting victimised.

Therefore, it is a good idea for everyone to invest their time and energy into internet security. Residential proxies are an effective and safe option to achieve increased protection.


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