Category: Technology and Privacy

Australia’s tangle of electronic surveillance laws

When it comes to unaccounted spying in Australia, a continued stream of ad-hoc legislation passes day-by-day, often contradicting and overlapping each other.

Australia will soon introduce a centralised electronic surveillance act to solve the mess caused by.. too many surveillance acts.. while continuing to introduce more until it is ready..


Technofascism: The Historical Roots of the Modern Scientific Elite

Big Tech’s ever-expanding ability to shape public opinion and control freedom of speech stems directly from the rise of futurism and technocratic ideals in the early 20th century.

Whoever controls the information we see or don’t see, controls collective perceptions. The same forces pushing for a posthuman world are also promoting this advancement as beneficial.



New surveillance network for producers in WA

Cattle and sheep producers in Western Australia are being asked to join a new surveillance program that will help them ‘keep up-to-date with livestock health issues in their area’.

Participants would provide live updates on the status of their stock to authorities, raising further concerns about a growing network that is aiming to monitor all of regional Australia.