December 5, 2023

8 thoughts on “Why are we giving even more money to WHO?

  1. The LibLab Forever Party all have Klaus Shwab’s hand up their backsides like sock puppets dancing to their NWO tune. On WEFs board are all the major banks run by the usual parasite families, ready to profit from climate hoax and the vaccine (all of them) hoax to gain total control of everyone & everything. we’ll be their patented intellectual property mind controlled workers with no Human Rights because we are no longer human but Transhuman
    ‘You’ll own nothing and be happy’ by 2030

  2. Australian politicians are UN workers to help them achieve their goals to Depopulation and for they want total control over the World and all the populations on Earth THEY CALL THAT AS NEW WORLD ORDER. It’s a Great Spiritual War affecting everyone young and old! Now they have the technologies so advanced
    and A.I. can do things beyond human capability!

  3. Their future pandemics are planned, just waiting for the right time to unleash another fake/man made virus. My guess is when Donald Trump is voted in again. The one of very few presidens and country leaders who refused to send money to WHO. I always wonder what are these Australian politicians getting that makes them turn their backs on Australians suffering and give millions to be funnelled into the elites pockets, is it actually an investment to Blackrock and Vanguard? has info on all the connections to the elites of the world.

  4. They have forecast the next pandemic for 2025 ! Just like they did for covid. This time it is called SEERS. Unfortunately I don’t think Donald Trump will get in because if the UN ‘pact for nations’ gets passed, they will halt US elections due to a ‘global emergency’. For those of you who trust Jesus, it seems possible that the UN pact could be the covenant with the many as prophesied in Daniel. That would start the final 7 years before Jesus comes back! See Messiah 2030 for some challenging info and hope. Great reporting as always Tott News👍

    1. They will do anything to stop Trump. What is SEERS and where is this information you have to say it is forecast for 2025 please? Thank you.

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