December 6, 2023

7 thoughts on “Concerns over new six-in-one ‘super shot’ for babies

  1. The only way to stop Harma destroying humanity is to destroy Harma. Injecting this poison into infants is serious child abuse. “We successfully completed vaccination…but unfortunately the child died of ABV disease (Anything But [the] Vaccine). But that’s OK, without the vax, s/he would be deader.”

    Has anyone else noticed that nearly all heads of Harma outfits are Khazarians?

    1. Yes Graham, how can this horrific child abuse continue for what to line the pockets of those invested?, and that includes any regular people who may not even know they are invested through their superannuation or retirement funds. It really makes me sick that this is continuing when there is absolutely no proof that any lives have been saved, but as all vaccines do, cause so much harm.

  2. This is horrific! I find it hard to believe that 94% of babies born have parents who are prepared to let poison enter their tiny fragile bodies. Over 20 years ago when my son was born he was the odd one out not being vaccinated and was kept out of kinder if there was a break out of some kind. I am hoping for the babies sakes that more parents are waking up to this tragic atttack on their children.

    1. Whenever they spout vaccinated percentages, know that it’s how they train us to believe we are minority. Be weary. Statistics are great but unfortunately can statisticians lie 😶

  3. AMAZING! THE ‘Blurb’ by the ILLness System (HEALth does NOT apply by ANY MeTrick), IS, that ‘Vaccines’ – loose & UNproven term/Description, are Suppose to ‘Work’ by Stimulating THE ‘Immune System’ into Providing anti bodies to a ‘Neutralised’ form of the Disease!
    Well, Infants/Children DO NOT have a formed ‘Immune System’, so WHAT, are ‘They’ – ‘Stimulating’?
    Next; ‘Vaccines’ Original Definition (Before ‘Dictionaries’ being ‘Bought’ OFF – like ALL else- & Developing PAID ‘BIAS’), WAS thus;
    ‘A Vaccine is a Neutralised form of a Disease, which when administered – Usually intramuscular, that provides Natural anti body responses, WITHOUT causing further disease to a patients Organs, Bloods, Circulatory systems & Cells, even down to microscopic levels.’
    NEW ‘version’; A Vaccine is a suspension of weakened, killed or fragmented microorganisms or toxins, or other ‘Biological Preparation’, such as those consisting of antibodies, Lymphocytes, or mRNA, that is administered ‘primarily’ to prevent disease.’ – NO ‘Natural’ NOR ‘Further Prevention’ mentioned! & the word ‘Primarily’?

    ‘Statistics’ time, for the UNinitiated. The word statistics; Def; Numerical facts Systematically collected – ‘Science’ of collecting, ‘Classifying’ & ‘Using’ statistics, in, or For Large quantities or Numbers.
    Please Note ‘Science’, ‘Classifying’ & ‘Using’. These words in the Definition, ARE the reality, & USED by Statisticians to SELL the ‘Numbers’ to the Masses, in ALL Metrics of The SALES Pitch! – Outcome dependent.
    Examples time; 1) THE govt/ Medic/Pharma/ ILLness system, REQUIRES CONfidence by The General public, in It’s ‘Supplied’ General Health System, & considering the AU$ BILLIONS Poured into a Black Hole, & The Govts ‘Association’ with the Big Pharma ‘Cash Cow’! SO, in ANY ‘Standard Year’ ( PRE CONVID # 19), the Govt ‘Statistics’ Promote Health ‘Safety & Effectiveness’ – CASH- Er – TAXES Investment Inclusive, Is presented thus;
    “Yes We, (Private Grants by BAMGF & Others NOT incl), the Govt/ Medic Cabal are on top of Declining Medical Standards, & some Mistakes are Made, but these are insignificant, to the amount of Patients we’ve helped – Er – Um ‘Cured’!” Remember, this is PRE CONVID! The Spiel goes on;
    ‘The Death outcomes in Australia from Medical Misdiagnosis, & effects [1] from LEGAL Prescription Drugs in 1 Standard Year, ‘Statistically’ are ONLY 0.00072 of 1% of the Population. – HOORAH! = BUT, Folks have to Bounce this Number OFF OF the Population Number at that time = 18,000 DEAD! – FINE if your NOT 1 of the 0.00072%.
    In fact, let’s take the Australian Stat’s of Landscape, & WONDER how THE Sheeple were SOOO SWINDLED BY ALL & SUNDRY ON CONVID # 19, Mythical Beastie!
    The Big C- Cancer = 144,700 DEAD. Circulatory- Heart Disease = 43,000. Tobacco Related illness = 21,000 DEAD. From Medical Misdiagnosis & Effects of MisPrescribed Legal Drugs(NOT a reflection on Medics @ Large) = 18,000 DEAD. Alcohol related disease= Est 6-9,000 DEAD. Suicide- 63,000 Attempts (This’d be interesting Boost in Statistics Over CONVID Assaults on Society @ Large) = 3040 DEAD. Road Toll – All States = 1190 Dead.
    SO, for a Amateur Math Drone such as myself, Nigh on a QUARTER OF A MILLION OZtopians perish EVERY YEAR, WITHOUT ‘Fuss’, by THE Political/ MSMedia/ Social/ Medical/ENDforcement System – Save for Relatives & Friends! = REALLY?? MOST, of the above are NOT BAD $ Spinners, FOR the System though!
    Back to the Stats, on a lighter Note; The Food/ILLness/ CONmercial Grocers associations – In league with the Chemical Industry[2], Contrives to Demonise Any or ALL ‘Alternatives’ of Healthy living, which use to be ‘Normal’! Enter the Demonisation & Statistics of ‘Food assoc’., Health (Or Graduated Death)by Proxy.
    ‘Saturated Fats’ – Stable, required for Brain Health, Muscle Build, energy, High in Omega 3’s Blah, Blah, are Demonised in favour of the Neo Healthy ‘Hydrogenated’ Health Clogging Crap- Canola Etc.- OR BioDiesel, more Accurate! Continuing. A process of continuous P.R. Brain washing ( stILL) advertising, will push the idea of a 200 gram Pack of Mr & Mrs Smith’s Crisps, which may have had 2 grams of ‘Nasty’ Saturated Fat – OMG-, now reduced to 1 Gram = SPLASHED across the Product Packaging – 50% REDUCTION IN SATURATED FAT! ( Which made ALL the Difference to the Mobile Purchaser, Staying away from Sharp objects & Sporting a Crate of Coke, to Compliment the Saturated Fat ‘Reduction’! – LOL!) =
    Statistics. The P.R. Machines MAIN Toolbox!

    [1] WHY, OH WHY, Does THE System call ‘Effects’ of their LEGAL Drugs OR ‘Treatments’ – SIDE effects? THEY ARE ‘EFFECTS’! – MORE P.R. Spin, to ‘Normalise’ the Negative Outcomes! – Until, You become, 1 of the Statistics!
    [2] The Chemical Industry. IS THERE ANY other ‘Industry’, that IS NOT involved with EVERY facet of YOUR LIFE – Seen & UNseen? – Rhetorical. ‘They’ are in Big Agri/ Food & Water Processing/Textiles/ Energy/Building & Infrastructure/Hardware & Gardening/Aeronautics/ Auto Industry & Transport/ Petra Chemicals-Gas-oil/ ChemTrails/The Military/TeleCommunications AND ON! – When you finally succumb to associated Health issues of Environment & Being = Solution! They OWN Big Pharma! = Create – Control- Offer.

    Last; ‘How can this Horrific child abuse Continue?’ = EASY! Ask the Kids in Gaza! Abuses ‘AIDEAD & ABETTED’ by Western Govts ( OZtopia/ 5 Eyes Inclusive), AND the U.N. Cabal. & Govts CAN NOT say ‘We Didn’t know’! = They’ve got ‘Independent’ Satellite- Ground & Intelligence ‘Feeds/ Communication surveillance’ Intercepts – So IT’S WILLFUL! If the IDF can Do S.D. EinsatzGruppen ‘Techniques’ (previous & Current Gaza Ghetto)& Kidnap The Palestinian Young – IN PLAIN SIGHT – WITHOUT ‘Challenge’, what chance is there on ‘Stealth Technologies’ such as US DoD/DARPA ‘G’ interactive ‘Wet Ware’ Programmable platforms, for ANY Age, ‘Oversight’? = NIL!
    Wellness- Hope is in the Form of Personal Awakenings, awareness of History as a Cyclic Fraud, & remembrances/Support of repressed Cultures & Shared Human form!
    Sorry! it started out ‘short!’

    1. Well said John, could not agree more. Plant a seed and grow food I say, dead packaged food, in fact anything packaged that is consumed via the mouth can be questionable.

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