September 27, 2023

8 thoughts on “Queensland’s south-east set for thermal drones to ‘monitor wildlife’

  1. Looks like A CorePoorRAT, Smells like a CorePoorRAT= IS A RAT! With the Standard Modus OperaAnDie of the OZtopian Govt – ALL of them, being/ Been on open MIS/DIS-Play for a Century or 2, & ramped up to the Current WEF/ U.N/Globalist PETS ‘Ops’ over the last Decade [ CONVID DIDN’T just ‘Happen overnight’ – remember RT-PCR ‘CONJOB -19 Test Kits’ Reg in U.K. 2015 & ‘Imported’ into OZ in 2017/18, plus a Plethora of PreviArse NON ‘Starter’ CoOp MSM ‘Pushed’ like Mad Bovines/ Zika Etc ‘Virus’?].
    ‘TRUST’ – Def; : to rely on the truthfulness or accuracy of : believe. : to place confidence in : rely on. Availability ; DEFINATELY OFFLINE @ this time Via Govt – Politic AND IT’S ‘Agencies’- AgentOseas/ Banking Sector/ MS & SockIt Media Platforms/ Central CONtroll Utilities/ EDEweCaughtIon Sector/ ‘Science’ Institutes incl UNI’s!
    ‘Drones to be inCORPORATEd into Future Bushfire Responses’. Um- Is THIS, Before ‘Pyro’ OperatIONS, or After ‘Payload/ IgnitION’ – ‘Delivery’? & IS, A.I. ‘SequenSing’ PRE ‘Fueling’ of Drone Area, of OperatIONS = PRObably!
    Last; IF citiZens would like to see a CONcentration of Drones @ Work, visit the Public Gallery of ANY Govt Parliament!
    IS, that A; Parliament of Crows, & a Murder of Owls? = Folks ARE WISE, to DIS/ MIStrust A GROUP/ ANY GROUP, which HAS HiSStorically PROVEN, that, THAT Trust is WELL MISplaced!
    Good work again TOTT! – UNfortunately, THE ‘Ewe & Me against the World’, will drop this into the CONsPyroSee Bin!
    Wellness – Business as Usual
    Anyone Else having ‘Issues’ with ‘Reply’ Tabs in Comment sections of these posts??

  2. What gets me is they spend so much money on these cameras (not cheap) to tell us they are “monitoring wildlife” yet they continue to cut, burn and destroy habitat for these same wildlife! It is getting to the point that everything we hear what the Government departments are doing it actually something completely different. And won’t those lituim batteries in the drones be a danger if they crash and burn?

    1. Could be domestic cats could be at risk if they start this drone search for supposed wildlife. Many cats being got rid of at the moment if out at night. They haven’t worried about the environment when cutting down forests to place these ugly windmills that don’t work . Highly suspicious!

      1. THE ‘Money’, WAS probably INCorporated in the RBA ‘Rubbery Figures’ on ‘INflation’ FORMULAS – Everything else, Out of Normal ‘Peasants’ CON-Troll, has been ‘Added In’, Why not ‘Knock- Knock- NOcturnal Search & Tracking’ of ALL!
        After, & STILL to Come- GenderNation CONVID, Most EntreprNEOrialiTest Individuals, ARE on the ‘A’list of NON Trustworthy, NON CONpliancers – BASTARDS to RETARDS! I.T. is for This Reason/s, That the System, Has to ReignVent THE Need, For GRID – greed!
        N.B; ANY KnockTurnAll Forays, Without ‘Chipping & CONpliance’ Are NOT CONpliance! – CAT WombMan – YER UP!
        “Z Zts Zts Zts. Uber Police Unit 911 miss-ION TermiNation – drONE offline – UNseen InterFace-iance. CONtroll this is drone alpha 1 – Ha-elp I’m being Attacked by Battle Co-Ko-AllaH! It HAS, I.T. inCysts, it IS infecting ME with ChlyMate change! Zsts Zsts Zsts CONtroll- ChlymIdiot change – Zst Zst Zst Chlamydia – InForm CentreALL, ‘They’ are NOT ISlambIc State! LithiUM ReNewAbles Low – Night Non Recharge AveilAble. Last log; I think KoAllah, IS ‘Pissing On ‘Me’ – ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz- fuck me- done by a low life formmmm____ zip.”

        MSM; “And here is News just in. Qld Central Govt services, has just announced an increase in Budgets, ProCured [ Can’t Be a Govt Health outcome] for ALL Weather Drone deployments, after several FactTurds were brought to ‘Their’ Knocturnal Wild life SECurity PROgram. DownStream [ Koala Urine positIONing aside], portfolio Benefiting, has been ExtenDead to Avante- Garde programs such as Export/Expert Cardboard drone Systems @ Ucranial Inc. [ Incase Wayward OZ KoARElas are OperaRational in mercenary Wagner group! = ALL Baseless Covered!]”
        We now go Live to UCranial front line UNemployMeants, on the RightFULL front;, NOT covered previously by BiArse Media; –
        Koala in Ucranial; “I prefer to be Paid to Piss in Russian Ruble. In Aug 2023 OZ $ = 0.021. NOW, with Another Poxy OZ Govt SWINEdle in the Wind, Something about an InDignant Voice – The OZ $ CRAPS not worth 0.016 Rubbles! I WANT RUBLES TO NEGATE DRON-AGE LaunDering!”
        ApolloJeSuss. After Multiple Expense Junkets, by OZ Govts @ large, the UPgrade ‘All Weather/ All Koala’ PROtection, came to the Associated ‘Think Tanks’ via CONsendSUSS, & a visit to a Supermarket operation called – Operation ‘Cling Wrap’!
        SkyFall; Just IN; after Operation ‘Cling Wrap’, The RBA, Breathed a PsyOp – ER/ UM, A Sigh of Relief, that THEY, Did NOT, have to Explain, the long Drawn out SWINDLE, that is referred to as – THE DODGY Inflation Formula!
        Wellness, & chuck another EweKarLip’tUS on the NextUS False Laser BBQ – SpunSword RayTheoOn & Friends.
        Last; 2 Koalas in a tree/ Evening – Clear Sky- Nothing but Govt Drones, ‘Twinkling away’ in Night Scope- Thermal Optic Mode/ Checking out the OZ Vista.
        Cherles KoAllah; “Darlín, did you want the Grange -19, or the Cab Sav – 22?”
        Camilla KoAllah; “Cherles, let’s forget that crap! Grab us a couple of Eucalyptus Moon Shiners, AND, a Couple of Shooters!”
        Cherles K; ” Shooters?’
        Camilla K; “YEH! The Moon Shines to Neutralise the ChlamMyDear, & OFFSET that ‘Time of the Month’. The ‘Shooters’, Are for Those PERVERTS Operating those Fucking Drones! PISS OFF YA BASTARDS – I DON’T OPTIC EWE, ON A FRISKY BUSINESS , NIGHT OUT! YEH THAT’S RIGHT, ANNA’S GOTTA PALACE CHECK! SOD OFF!”
        The ‘Drone’ Mis/ DisAppEars.
        Camilla K; “You Humans can come out now – The drone’s Disappeared! Can I get a refill Cherles?”
        ISN’T ‘Nature’ Accommodating? = Yes! – to SOME!
        Wellness – again.

  3. I’m blown away. Social media and the like – why would drones be a bother when surveillance is all around. Yes, night imaging wildlife (destined for elimination as is everything else). Just another extinction project. How about not focusing on one but all life surveillance and extermination processes that are taking place all around us on a daily basis, not just brought to attention NOW but have been prevalent for years. I notice a comment re windmills. but my recent thought on this matter have turned to – WHAT IF? What if these windmills (turbines)are like other Ferriswheel type scenarios and they are to provide energy to underground bases ie: air, electricity etc. Just a thought other than focusing on one aspect of debauchery.

    1. “How about not focusing on one but all life surveillance and extermination processes that are taking place all around us on a daily basis, not just brought to attention NOW but have been prevalent for years.”

      Good thing you can view an archive on surveillance, privacy and AI that goes back over 10 years on this site…

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