December 7, 2023

10 thoughts on “The UN takeover of Australian society

  1. Enjoying your research and summary of events.
    Suggestion – to best gain attention of a wider audience, video summaries of each of your articles is needed. Not many of the sheep we need on board read articles these days, but they will press play on a minute long video and read small snippets of facts – a perfect example is the videos the world economic forum creates. Apparently they can be put together within a few hours (once you get the hang of them). Since adding this feature their following grew 5000% in 6 months. Another example of 60 seconds docos.
    We need more to share and understand the basics of how we got to the advanced understanding of global events.. perhaps we shouldn’t expect them to read like we did – social media has all but removed their ability to now.

  2. The United Nations is nothing more than just the re-birthing of the USSR! But on a global scale!

  3. Is there a link that I can read the Lima declaration, because no many Australians have an idea… Or even know their history.

  4. it is very IMPORTANT that the UN upholds a promise to ENSURE that there will be NO POVERTY and that they keep their word that NOBODY is left behind.
    Taxes that were implemented back in the times to pay back debt were not abolished after the debt was paid should have been wiped and it is wrong to continue to increase living costs and to not increase wages at a FAIR and Comparative scale. For a wonderful world to unfold their must be human justice and global peace structure and DIGNITY from those in power and for those elite individuals to put themselves in the shoes of genuine human beings who want a quality of life just the same. Struggling countries do not need to suffer when there is enough for all to share. Not for profit organisations with donated goods must be shared to the needy without an over inflated price tag for I feel it is wrong to have opportunity outlets who do not supply opportunity to the needy.
    Think of others. Selfish gain is not a loving or kind deed. Show Moral Justice and then feel assured you can sleep well at night knowing you played your part with true dignity.

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