September 27, 2023

3 thoughts on “City of Perth wants you to report ‘anti-social behaviour’ to a hotline

  1. “Spilling a milkshake” when did that become anti-social? Welfare check, what is that supposed to mean?. They have gone mad, sorry madder. Hard enough to get police to attend a real crime in time, what a waste of resources this dob in thing will be (is).

  2. With all of the Anti NAZI profiling (Except SBS, without their ongoing ‘Dosage’ of Remembrance for a failing ‘leverage’ Narrative) prevalent, & possibly ‘Neutralising’ the Áfront’ to certain members of the ‘Trans’ Scripted Agenda, it is WELL documented – even using MSM ‘film footage’, about which Authoritarian Physical, Political’, Civil, Mob population & Economic leverages ‘Playbook’, that the Australian tiered Govts., are ‘Drawing on’! Generally 1 of the reasons for ‘Restricting/ Editing’ proper History (NOT the Google or SBS versions), & ‘getting rid’ of’ Elder members of Society with STILL positive neural capacities, that CONtradict ‘official Narratives’!
    ‘Reporting’; During WW2 (Germany & Occupied lands – The Allies of the Willing had their Own home town ‘Homeland’ Security [Sounds very German]), THE ‘Gestapo’ were Not ‘Everywhere’! They WERE Reliant on THE Mob, to Inform on their Neighbours/ friends (LOL), Work colleagues, Deflection by reporting (Brownie points), SUSSpicion of ‘Individualist’ Citizens & their Çhallenges’ of THE System (most times ‘Informed’ & Logical), & Mrs Jones who suffers quietly from insomnia – Up all night = She MUST be a ‘Threat’!
    As for Perth CBD – EASY! DONT ‘Use it’! Apart from the bioMeTRICKS, like all capital cities, it’s ARMED with- (A quick breath) Noise/Pollution/ Attitudes – Everywhere/Poverty/BATHED in EMRs/ Info Overload/ Rabid Parking jackals (This I do partially understand going by Mob mentality)/ SMART Vehicle & radar cameras/ infrastructure (Ditto)/ NOISE/ Vacuous Broad spectrum Sterility of Humanity!! – AIN’T got NO Soul!
    The State’s Resources are ‘Funneled’ into Rome Central & proper, with Little resources being Supplied/ utilised in/for ‘Outside Rome’ – Near/Rural infrastructure! – Reflection of the ‘Tiered’ – Teared, Nation!
    5G S.M.A.R.T Arena – JUST WOULD YA, Go ANYWHERE near ‘IT’?
    Note; After UPgrading CONVID-19 ‘Rights of THE State’, but NOT the Citizens, our Local Minstrel Mac Mac MacGowan promptly ReTurd, apologies, Retired from ‘Stress’! Along with an IMpractical Legislative ‘joke called ACH Act 2021 LeveRAGED Play! – DIVIDE & RULE! NWO of WA. Think I may ‘Identify as Indigenous’, & Bypass THE ‘System’, altogether Now! When you pray for Rain, Ya have to Deal with the Mud!
    Last; Now then, where’s My Prince Harry NAZI uniform, so I can ‘Fit right in’? Maybe I could get a job at the U.N. representing OZ, the next time they have a Fascist vote. The last 4 years, Locally, should give me some ‘Cred’!
    Entertainment ; Dial/ Dial/1800CustoDial Citizen@NotMyGov.@Ewe.IIIIIs – Brrrr Brrrr Brrr;
    “Yes you’ve reached Bazz’s ‘Replica Homeland’ reporting services. WE Care, WHO’s saying’/DOING, What & Where, out There!
    Press #1 if you would like to access your FrequentReportingUtilisationClubKinetics – MissionEconomics/ Account. or your FRUCK ME/ account; Multi Lingual options including SINO available – SINOway Your rights, & other Citizens, @ 1 CONvenient Portal!
    Press #2/A Club If your report is on any ‘Deemed’/Demoned/Demand Embarrassed Public Notable, that requires Subtle handling. – Bonus points – Click & Collect, comes with Virtual Merit badge!
    Press# 3Z if your report is regarding a peasant. & Remember, NO ONE who ‘Runs’ IS Innocent. THEY could be Tomorrow’s Urban TerraWrist! (Excludes gardeners with RSI).
    Press#000 If it’s an Emergency, Hold the line, And wait for an operator – Do Not hang up – Even if you are in Peril, IT IS IMPORTANT, the Operator will ask you for an incident location & your Citizenry Social Status – & this will Determine A, or ANY, response – Locale dependent! Have a great CBD day! JOHN DOE! We perceive that you ‘Thought Individually @ Lat; 31Deg57′ 11.99″S & Long; 115 Deg52’ 0.59E” @ 10;51 WST on06/06/2023.”
    J.D; “SHIT! How do they do that? Just walking passed a Church, & even GOD’s reporting Me! Must be some Residual Demons! Maybe I should Dial 2/A! NAH! I haven’t got a FRUCK ME account.”

  3. The so called all powerful people are all serving the same Master in darkness
    they will keeping on play with people’s minds as their mind games to play with
    people’s minds and emotions with combination of Fears Tatic and control people by Forces they will continue as long as people comply to their demands until people all come together to resist and ignore their demands which they have NO RIGHT!.
    It is A Great Spiritual War.We all Battling the

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