September 27, 2023

9 thoughts on “QLD Senator Gerard Rennick to be kicked out of ‘the big club’

  1. There is no fixing the political system of this country, it must be replaced in it’s entirety from the ground up by the people!

  2. This will be a great loss to the people of Australia. Hope he runs as an independent!

  3. Yes the system must be replaced. These butt licker politicians must be so afraid of their positions that they want to kick out senator Rennick. So sad to live like that. I have first hand knowledge of this sort of cultural behaviour in our local council Everyone is being replaced with this communistic style. I’m surprised senator Antic has lasted this long.

  4. No suprises here, joining the list of good senators speaking the truth only to be kicked out for not towing the line. No doubt Pauline Hanson will be calling him, to join One Nation,unless he chooses to go Independent.

  5. be good to see Gerard go to one nation, he is a man of integrity in a cess pit of liars. i wish him well

  6. Let’s face it Liberals are a dying breed. Another Fabian creation. Not as successful as the socialist left we currently have destroying our way off life, removing our inalienable rights, taking our houses and handing whats left over to the UN in act of treason. Come on guys, lets form a truly Independent party we are proud of, get all the Farmers together and take out the institutions just like the Dutch model. Over here in WA, we are leading Australia in totalitarian rule…the new ACH laws have crippled this state in 12 days and all land over 1100 sqm. Any house above this size will loose their value as the rural towns get crushed and the urban shit box gets more dense. You can see how Black Rock will sweep in and buy all the farms after this process….Voter Voice loose your land – its that simple. Tradies are already refusing to work on land over 1100sqm, in fair of jail and huge fines. Check out the map of the myriad of ACH sites that are mapped out already around Perth or the entire area of Exmouth…nothing actually seems to be at these sites to see, cherish and embrace as ancient monuments to the past like other countries, you cant even go on the land to see a marked tree or a piece of sand where someone dreamed once. All the water ways and national parks are GOOOONE! for certain races without permission… Apartheid is here already.

  7. How predictable from the pathetic, treasonous Liberal Party to fail to endorse one of its very few politicians of integrity. Uniparty continues to play its role for its owner, the global-parasites, in destroying Australia. Gerard Rennick and Alex Antic can hold their heads high, giants among dwarfs.

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