October 2, 2023

4 thoughts on “Lab-grown meat cleared for sale in the United States

  1. Its NOT meat if not from an animal so it should not be, and in reality cannot be called meat which is the flesh of an animal not a chemical material created without life. Faux Chicken perhaps but never true meat.

    1. Well there will always be crickets and other bugs to eat. Would not trust anything grown in a lab. It won’t effect my diet but it still worries me they are allowed to go ahead without any long term studies on how it will effect humans.

  2. Complete with MRNA vaccines? Have they tested the nutritional levels? Have they tested how it effects human health and DNA?What will be the long term effects? Real meat will eventually become only available to the rich because most people won’t be able to afford it when they close all the farms (except for a few for the rich). I am Began (I eat honey and no animal products) and I don’t eat any fake meat or processed plant based foods, I won’t be eating this either. Do not buy this and be careful when eating out, I suspect cheap junk food will be the first to take this fake meat on board. Eat wholefoods, real organic foods, unprocessed. Support your organic farmers and industry and grow your own veggies, save your seeds!

  3. i think this so-called meat should be tested on all the corrupt government officials and politicians first before being fed to the public.

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