October 2, 2023

8 thoughts on “‘We Are Ready!’: Australians rally to oppose NWO dystopia | Media

  1. Iโ€™m very pro libertarian, pro choice, freedom whatever you want to call it. I donโ€™t understand how things change for the better as a result of rallies. Good on people for making a stand. Iโ€™m kind of struggling to get my point across. I donโ€™t understand things like the high vaccination rate (compliance) and voting in socialist/communist parties to ruin our country even more, and then protesting when the government continues to carry out the agenda of foreign dictators. Itโ€™s like chickens in a hen house with foxes protesting about the foxes killing them. I hope this time Iโ€™m proven wrong. I donโ€™t mean to criticise, I donโ€™t understand the high compliance of tyranny and lack of critical thinking Iโ€™m seeing in Australia.

    1. Rallies are a valuable part of the stand against tyranny. I always come away from them (and I have attended plenty in Adelaide and Brisbane) feeling uplifted after mingling with so many like-minded people…we are not so isolated after all. During the last three Adelaide rallies I have noticed much more interest from the onlookers in Rundle Mall than in previous marches. I think this is due to the focus on people killed/injured by the quax. If the rallies were not deemed important by the evil “system”, the fake news media would not go out of their way to either not report them or minimise the participant numbers. And that’s why the excellent coverage provided by TOTT News is valuable.

      My message still attracts interest: “Pfizer warns 5th booster needed for those not yet dead” above a skull & crossed, dripping syringes, alongside “Professor” Spurrier making a satanic hand-sign at a press conference with caption “Safe & Effective”. I pack a fair bit into my placard and if it riles the occasional jabaroo-ed to the eyeballs pro-quaxxer (which is usually the case), so much the better!

    2. I agree with your point and Sir Graham’s comment also. Yes protesting seems useless and pointless, and I have been to many and felt this way also. However, after feeling so alone and isolated in 2020 when my true friends abandoned me and called me crazy, any inkling of other people feeling the same as I did, let alone stand up against the many, gave me a great sense of hope and it helped to convince me I was doing the right thing sticking with my guts, intuition, knowledge and rational mind and morals….going to protests I felt alive and not alone. When you feel so f*cking alone – getting together with people for the same cause in the park doesn’t feel like such a waste of time after all. Mark my words at these places is where humanity 2.0 begins.

      1. Well said. As someone who has attended over 500 protests over the last 12 years, I agree. It isnโ€™t necessarily about changing things. In fact, history shows that protesters are the villains almost every time (until decades later when people realise they were the right ones). For me, it is about showing you are on the right side of history for the record books and also for connecting with like-minded people. I would be totally lost without the friends I have met at many rallies. And I also wouldnโ€™t have progressed my thought patterns without engaging with people like this at events. These engagements can be very special if you allow them to be. -Ethan.

  2. The 75%ers are ‘Programmed’ from Birth- Which would be ‘Fine’, but without Catastrophic influences, they ‘ReMAIN’, as they were ‘Wired’! – Worse for each Successive Generation, ‘Believing’ the new Norm – Without question, until ‘Underverse Comes’. = Necromongers to a ‘T’.
    As for ‘Understanding Voting’, The Australian Constitution IS an interesting ‘read’. Including the Writers of said ‘Document’s’ NON inclusion of the Westminster ‘System’ of Government, being COMPLETELY UNLAWFUL ( The said ‘Writers of the Australian Constitution’ are on Record, of NOT wanting it!!) A Westminster System; – The Monopolisation of the ‘Vote’ in favour of only 1 of 2 Parties!
    For ‘CONfused Folks’; ‘Technically’, the TRUE ‘Head of State’ for Australia, IS, the United People, and NOT the Chief ‘Contractor’ (Queen), that they ‘Employ’! – GOT THAT Cherles, & Prime Minstrel Albino ForeverBenda Da Kneesee??
    Further; along with some other trivial items per, NO Govt of the Day, ‘Flogging of’ the COMMON WEALTH ‘Belonging to’ the Home Citizens/Population. Aka; Banking systems (COMMONWEALTH BANK Etc.)Buildings/ Ports/Rail/Postage services/ Energy & Utility infrastructure/ Health/ Telecommunications (TELSTRA Etc)/ ‘Modern Infrastructure’ – By ‘DeFault’ QANTAS etc. & – OR ‘Privitisations’ (Medicare Etc.)= Basically ANY of OUR- WE the People of Australia- ‘Stuff’! NOR did WE The People of Australia [WTPA] ‘AUTHORISE’ the ‘Corporatisation of Government’. EVEN, ‘THE QUEEN’ IS, THE CHIEF SUB CONTRACTOR to WE the People of Australia [WTPA], to ‘Keep Government’, A Sub Contractor to the CHIEF Subcontractor, in ‘LINE’ as an ‘Employee of WTPA’.
    We could bang on here about UNDER the same Australian Constitution; Elected Politicians can never form a ‘Government’ as they claim. Wakey, Wakey – A Prime Minister & Cabinet are Unlawful entities (Something about the Treasons Act [British] of 1351- This comes UNDER the CHIEF Contractor’s Obligations & usage of ALL FORCE Necessary @ Their Command [Magna Carta 1215] to ‘Keep Control of Government’ FOR – W.T.P.A as a United people! Extra- Extra; ‘Oaths of Allegiances’; Office holders as a precondition, MUST swear allegiance to ‘The Crown’ (WTPA’s CHIEF ‘Contractor’), who is ‘Under Contract’ to WTPA. Breach of this ‘Oath & Conditions’ by The ‘Office Holder’, disbars them from office & renders them liable to prosecution under the same Treasons Act 1351! – Along with being ‘Deemed to have NEVER held office’, AND, have to ‘Return ALL monies ever paid’ to ‘THEM’, from the public purse, back to The people!! Take Note; ‘Officers of the Crown’ – Who advocate ‘Republican Causes’, SHOULD lead to the same Treasons Act (Australia STILL HAS an operational constitution, (try as Liberal/Labor/Greens may) whereby ANY ‘Infringements against’ the Constitution, & Hence WTPA, has NO ‘Statute of Limitations’ to ‘wipe’ said infringements – 5/10/50 Years, It’s STILL an ‘Active Infringement’ – Back to the Treasons Act!!!
    NOBODY, has authority to Make & impose laws that the People, as a body, reject! (Hence the divide & rule Systems deployed BY Government & their Corporate MIS/DISinformation Arm – MSM, deploy!) Further, Judges who refuse to recognise & Uphold Constitutional or Common Law (See also Magna Carta 1215 & it’s Points of Free passage & rights – on which Australian Constitution is based), cannot Lawfully hold office.
    Then there’s Section 44; Does this apply to Government & it’s REGISTRATION AS A FOREIGN CORPORATION = U.S. SEC – ‘COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA’ – Reg # CIK0000805157. & IF SO, Section 46 of the Australian Constitution!!
    Back to Section 44; i) Disqualification; Any person who – Is under acknowledgement of ‘allegiance, obedience, or adherence’ to a ‘Foreign’ power, or is a subject or citizen > blah, blah = SO! ANZUS, Now AUKUS/ NATO/ U.N. WHO & NWO /5 Eyes/ pHARMa/ Banking Cartels & ‘Others’ of the C.O.M.I.C Cabal. = WHAT?? AND; v) Has any direct or indirect pecuniary interest in any agreement with the Public Service of the Commonwealth otherwise than as a member and in common with other members of an incorporated company consisting of more than 25 members. Not like Major political parties ‘Memberships’ then, Nor ‘business’ entered into whilst ‘sitting’, with a ‘reward’ via postings. – CorpoRAT Board memberships et Al, Private, Foreign postings or otherwise??
    Sorry, got carried away – again! Ya gotta Laugh. I also ‘Missed’ ALL of this being ‘Explained’ to Me as part of life ‘Education’, years ago! Save yourself the grief, & Leave the 75%ers where they are – Their Matrix ‘Reality’. I’m Mid 60’s, still learning & trying to be fluid in ‘Thought & Deed’ – An ongoing process, & I’ve now, little regard for justifying my existence. Visitations to older knowledge/ engineering, & music – of course, is proving ‘useful/ encouraging’, in the current Global Mega/Meta Circus World of All.

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