December 6, 2023

3 thoughts on “Hundreds of data breaches reported to commissioner in 2022

  1. Amazing isn’t it, all of a sudden so many breaches, makes you wonder, is it done on purpose because they want to bring in more control and more biometric security, face recongnition and digital ID? I know spam mail has increased since my data was apparently breached in the Optus saga. Why are they keeping me on file since I have not used them for nearly 10 years? I had to get a new car licence because of it with an extra security pin number. I have used Latitude in the past too, so waiting on that too. What next?

    1. WHO’S ‘Guarding’ the Cyber Guards? Issue – Reaction = ONE ONLY Solution – Apparently, ‘Provided’ by the Original Strategic ‘Issue’ creators! Sounds like The Global ‘FALSE FLAG’ CONVID # Something!
      A bit like the CurRENT Banking Woes in the U.S. The ‘Peasants’ Are Seeking their Pathetic Funds, Whilst the BankStealers, ‘PROP UP’ their FIAT ‘CONstruct’! – W’HAT’ are they going to do, to Divert THE failing CONVID narrative – ANOTHER Failing Foreign MESS/WAR – Including Issues at the Ukraine ‘LaundroMat’, Failing Never ending CONtrived economic Swindle (Thanks J.P.Morgan – STILL Swindling – even AFTER Yer Dead [J.P.M – The RMS Titanic ‘Swap for Insurance’ Lad, & architect, amongst others of the Stealing of The U.S. Citizens reserve Banking system – Jeckyl island]), The Failing Globalist AGENDA PUSH, & Failing – Just about everything – Including Weather SCAMS & Destruction of Independent Farming Production Via ANY MEANS ‘Necessary’ (Hope Ewes Lot in N.S.W. Agri ‘B’, ARE ‘Taking Note’ )? = I KNOW! Get the Dodgy, Fully ‘Sponsored’ ICC, to Send out a ‘Warrant for Arrest’ of V. Putin! – For Child abductions/Abuse?? I thought that was the Realm, along with Mass Genocide of Same, of THE Allies of the Willing – Forever, it seems! – SUCCESS! – The Peasants have slipped back into their Crisps & Coke Numbed state Of CON-SCIENCEness! The Atlantic Council’s ‘Sponsored’ Poynter Institutes, ‘Stack & Rack, FuctChecking’ Journalistic ‘Expertise’, has Neutered Folks brains. Nothing to see HERE! & the Cyber criminals, According to OZ ‘Cyber Cops’ = “We KNOW who you are!” – Problem – ‘They’ just Can’t seem to Locate ‘THEM’, right @ this Moment!
      TRY www; Collaboratives@CAN’TBERRA.NotMyGov.Net.NonCapture.Timeless.aEwe.
      Wellness. WHOA! Look – A Pink Cyber Pig.

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