October 1, 2023

7 thoughts on “WHO monitoring potential ‘H5N1 human outbreak’

  1. So this is their next planned scamdemic? Not only will it mean more lockdowns, more vaccines, more surviellance, tracking, moving money to the already richest top 1%, but is this the way they will get everyone eating insects and fake meat? Kill off outdoor farming and move to controlled indoor lab food? We need to stay alert, resist and keep saying no. These people disgust me, plant the seed of fear whenever they open their evil mouths. We are the 99%, we can stop this. Stopworldcontrol.com

  2. Why Can people understand they have stated very clearly they want to exterminate Earth inhabitants they think we people are CANCER OF EARTH!

  3. I’m not interested in what Tedros says and am tired of their continual scare mongering with threat of more poisonous injections. They just love their injections. Do they never give up on this extermination plan. So tiring.

  4. Something of concern for everyone is that gum’mints are building ‘medicine’ factories for the production of mrna; the quicker to make everybody ‘better’

  5. These pHARMa scams based on fake germ theory go back quite a way, e.g. deadly smallpox vaxxes in the 19thC, the “Spanish flu pandemic” of 1918-1920, where genuine researchers were unable to demonstrate even one case of transmission of the so-called deadly strain of H1N1 from person to person…most deaths were caused by ca 35 vaxxes developed mostly in the US and tested first on the hapless US military. This would make a worthy subject under your “History Hoax” category, Ethan…perhaps you have already examined it.

    These scams are about controlling “the human cattle” through fear and weakening them physically…and when the time is right, such as now, killing them.

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