October 1, 2023

5 thoughts on “China claims success in controlling a bird’s mind

  1. They want everyone to go vegan to save the planet and save animals but they continue cruel experiments on animals. By the way I am Began, a vegan who eats honey, but I do it for my own personal health reasons.
    These experiments will not end well at least for the animals. All for the purpose of military and controlling humans?

  2. Typical bird-brained idea from the totalitarians. They are probably already applying it to hapless humans.

  3. I like ‘Observing’ movies rocking out of Hollywood or Lionsgate wherever Studios! It’s generally a ‘Psychological Tag’ of ‘What’ THEY, are ALREADY into! Eg; Vin diesel in ‘Bloodshot’. – Obviously ‘Used’ to Pre-Program the Masses, of the Wonders & Benefits of Combined NanoTech & THE ‘Health/Medical Systems’ = Obviously going by Our, – Er, Apologies! – THE ILLness System, it IS a Multi Level FICTION!
    (As an aside on, we live within an Elderly demographics Population – just into Rural, Has anyone noticed the ‘Drop off’ in ‘Usage of Ambulance’ – & Other Services, ‘Sirens’? AND, the Increase Generally in the Provision/ Positioning of Defibrilator Units?)
    CCP’s ROBOpigeon in conversation; “I am Xi Jinpigeon. I can Coo in 141 Different Diodes- Da- Da- Dialects. I am being Upgraded to Stealth J20 Model, with a PLAAFora of Improvements @ an Enormous amount of Yuan investment!”
    Normal pigeon; ” Coo- Coo- Coo! What Bird planet are you on Freak? Have you lost Weight?”
    CCP ROBOP; ” It’s all about Power to weight ratios AlGore-eyesed, in conjunction with onboard anti 5 eyes observance capabilities, & with ALL weather Take off & Flight capabilities, Globule warming thermal Parameters & Inflight AILeron Control & Inboard CooSat LocationANALs! The U.S. Navy Did it with Doll-fins. Coo – Coo.”
    Norm Pig’ “Coo- Coo- Say What? I think your Chips fried your thoughts Peckerhead! Are you sure your NOT a ‘Pilot’ program for Chinese Uber eats, to be Changed to Order in Peking Duck, ‘Cooked Chook’ by the time it gets to I.T’s ‘Final Destination? Coo – Coo -Coo. You know Other Countries just use a ‘Drone’, made right here in PRC, (Programmed Radical Cyborgs), for a couple of hundred Bucks! Coo-Coo-Coo! ‘
    CCP ROBOP; ” Coo-Coo. Couple of Hundred ‘Bucks’? My programmed Logic asks, – Why would anyone purchase a drone for Hundreds of young Male Deer? Coo – Coo?”
    Norm Pig; “Coo – Coo. Oh dear. I’m off to get some WuHan Boc Choi & grains.”
    CCP ROBOP; “COO – COO! Apparently I’m off TOO! (Where’d that Command come from). & AWAY!” – Flap, Flap, Flap – , “FUUUCK !”(In Pigeon Mandarin) BACK FLAP<FLAP<FLAP! SPLAT, CLUNK, GRIND, – SPIT = PARTING, PATING, TER! – ———— Remnant blodge.
    – small fart in field followed by insignificant – zap, and a wisp of smoke.
    CCP Media; "Hurrow! In tonight's News, UNconfirmed at this time by authorities from the Chinese Think tank on 'AdvancedResearchSinoExperimentalSystems', but 1 of the Spokes persons on ARSES, confirmed that one of their MegaYuan 'Birds', failed to get 'Clearances' before taking off, & was Sucked into a Commercial Aircraft Jet Turbine! Scientific Controllers of the Project, reject 'Human error', & believe there was a Timed Malfucktion delay between 'CommandsReproductionActionProtocols', known in the think tank Division as 'Stepping to one side of plausible C.R.A.P'! Also unconfirmed, a 2nd ROBOP, was Nailed in flight by a Chinese Hawk (Biological Bird, Not 'Good will HuaNteng'- thought he'd throw in his 10 cents worth). THE Hawk, later interviewed by a 'Handler' quoted the 'Hawk' as saying; "Mmm Pigeon. I didn't order Chips, Silicone or otherwise, with this!"
    Last; – WHY Bother?

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