October 1, 2023

3 thoughts on “How Smartphones Promote a Schizophrenic-Like Condition

  1. “We live in this disembodied world of our own accord.” Thus I do not have a “smart” phone…just an instrument for our enslavement.
    The Academy of Ideas is always good value.

    1. I agree about the smart phones. They should go but how did you put your comment here. From a computer ?

  2. *Epoch T.V. – Mike Benz (Part 1): The West’s Burgeoning Censorship Industry and the Government Funds Pouring In–From DHS to DARPA to National Science Foundation.
    *Frequency Wars – ‘Assembling the Kill Grid’, with Tim Ray & Mark Steele.
    Mark Steele on 5G, Nanotechnology Weapons in C19 Shots, Use of Heavy Metals as Weapons Systems – Tungsten in the C19 Jabs making Humans ‘Dormant Radiation Transmitters’, necessary for 5G Non -destruction of general ‘Electronic Infrastructure’.
    Suzanne.V; ‘Reply’ from a ‘Cabled’ computer – Shouldn’t be running WiFi systems in Your ‘Controlled Environment’ – especially Living/ sleeping quarters!

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