October 1, 2023

4 thoughts on “Australia is filled with dangerous pesticides BANNED in other countries

  1. HA, HA, HA!!! BUT, ‘WE’ have an ‘SAFE & EFFECTIVE’ EPA – JUST LIKE – THE ‘TGA’!
    Would ‘THEY’ lie to You & Me about thEIR ‘operations’? Some ‘examples of EPA ‘Stringent Oversight’;
    Flouride (Haloid, Highly absorbable just like Bromide & Iodine – [The ‘Weak’ cousin], with at least Iodine being beneficial to health) – FL -That has Proven NEGATIVE Biological ‘Health Outcomes’ – A ‘Bi product’ of Processing of Bauxite (Alumina production) – Heavy Industrial Fertilizers processing (Along with Cadmium & other ‘Toxic’ heavy metals) – Uranium processing, IS APPARENTLY NOT ALLOWED to be ‘dispersed’ into the General environment; ie; land/ sea/ Air/ river systems. BUT, it’s PERFECTLY O.K. to Dissolve ‘IT’ into municipal Drinking water AND to Indiscriminately Deploy ‘IT’ inside ‘Baiting’ such as 1080 by Groups I think stand for ‘Call Another Land Manager’, for ‘Pest’ control – READ Random UNcontrolled deployments! Sorry! Assoc Gov. Unco operative.org.Chem Co Bought.org.Lobby.Aye YOU.depts sent a Txt message to ALL possible effected fauna! My Mistake! ALL of these DANGEROUS Bi Products are Obviously ‘Stored’ in a Govt Gazetted Storage facility!
    Glyphosate; Some 750 Plus products (I could be dyslexic, or was it 570) Anyway, whichever – A SHIT load of products containing Glypho ARE ‘Registered’ with the EPA, predominantly Agri orientated, with said EPA using THE Dodgy U.N. references (TRUST US! WE PROVIDED THE CON JAB-19 ‘OPERATIONAL GUIDELINES – LOL) Carcinogen Values = Glyphosate is ‘Apparently’ a Class 2 ‘Possible Carcinogen’. The same Table as ‘Hot Beverages’ AND Fermented vegetables! SO LOOK OUT Sausage Eaters in Berlin! ALL of those Birth Defects & Cancers were from Hot Coffee & Over Indulgences in SauerKraut! You KNOW IT!
    Other; Term – ‘Food’ – IS THERE SUCH AN ITEM? I COULD give AU$ 50 K to the ‘Heart Foundation’ & they’d give me a ‘Green Tick’ that eating a House Brick was ‘Healthy Eating!’
    Last; ‘Govt Oversight’ in Australia – P A L E A S E! From the “People’ (Loose Term) who Brought you CON JAB-19? Who’s Oversight Groups are ‘Run/Sponsored/ Industry ‘Bench Mark Set’, & the Network of C.O.M.I.C.-DIDN’T Think So!
    Good work TOTT crew! Alas the Sheep are grazing on MS & SOCK I.T to Me Media, & want SOMEONE else to supply/ Feed & Fix ANY Woes that they have Now or in the Future! & Forget THE Medics, they ARE IN THE SAME BOAT! – “OMG! Another ‘Mysterious Illness’ – SADS – SEDS- SIDS- SODS-SUDS= The AMA – Chorus required Boys/ Girls/ITS/LMFBJQEXYZ Members- “We’ll Consult Google or ‘E’ pHARMa’!”
    Apart from ALL of the Chemical Cocktails ‘floating around’ the Environment, it’s gone SO FAR, that even the Chem Giants CAN’T control the ‘Compounding OR Accumulation Effects’ of said Chemicals, including ‘For Life Chemicals such as Teflon. Then there’s the ‘Complications’ of Electro Magnetic fields interactivity, Not only telephones, but, WiFi, radar & tracking systems, Security Scanners, medical ‘MRI’ imaging. GOD DAMN MINEFIELD! Notice I haven’t mentioned The ‘Military Deployed & ‘Operational’ Toxins’. Do they think their Radio active/ Carcinogen payloads STOP at the 12 Mile Limit? Then there’s the ‘Ordinance’, Fire Fighting Crap & On!
    “I’d like to Be, under the Sea, in an Octopuses garden in the Shade.” Yummy!
    Wellness – But

  2. Yes ,John Dawe so right the comparison to our Authorities that check to make sure nothing organic gets in the way!!! the TGA has proven itself to be a total fraud. BUT I have for decades now wondered Why Australia seems to be more than other EU countries so obliged to BIG everything, be it Pharma, Chem. or Ag… a casual Ag slasher worker wanting to convince me that his herbicide is safe and will not cause him any health damage… I sent him a txt telling him he was “spraying” whilst the wind was coming towards our ORGANIC property.. he has not responded since! Tragic that on no subject of health and sickness does anybody ask WHY is it being caused, we spend multi million dollars on so called science and research and come up with the most proven not to work diagnostics… BUT WHY, every child asks why, why BUT adults have forgotten to ask WHY is this happening.. Raw milk is another ‘danger”.. friends and more have lived on this truly healthy food all their lives and are in the 80s and 90’s… And why do so few people in Aus know of the “milk stations” in several EU countriess, where local farmers fill up the “tanks’ just like petrol” and consumer to and fill their bottle of RAW milk… Naturally great demand and NEVER any problems with this allegedly dangerous food!!! WHEN will states permit local “back yard” growers to sell to their local community raw milk, sheep goat, dairy, and poultry eggs un stamped and Gov Audited … the Consumer has to drive out of their way so not on the supermarket shelves where heavens forbid a shoppe may pick up this free range / raw milk… WHY do we not have this and many other CHOICES?? Jen

    1. THE ‘WHY’ is easy! ‘Vested Interests!’ As for RAW milk & other Products, The Govts of the Planet (Aust Incl) DO NOT WANT ANYONE of the General ‘Plebs’ to be ‘Healthy’ , AND, Live passed their ‘Use By Date’! What do People Really think the CON JAB 19 ‘JABS’ were ACTUALLY Deployed For?
      Govts across the Western World, have been Robbing Pension Funds for Decades, to Pay their ‘Friends & Associates’ astronomical Funds, AND, Prop up FAILED DODGY Govt Protocols. Systems – Including ‘Bail Outs of failing Greedy Banksters’! How much? THE U.S. has Squandered their Est US$28 Trillion Pension Funds by about the Year 2025/2028 (Someone else will know more accurately). What do you Do? = Obvious – Wipeout THE ‘Recipients!
      Back to the Continent South of PNG;
      The Current ‘Crop’ of MINSTRELS, all the way up to the PRIME MINSTREL – a 1 Mr ForEVER Benda Kneesee, AREN’T that Clever! They have just ‘Received’ the Baton from the previous drones (For as Everyone Knows, there is NOT 2 different Govts in Australia – THE Libs & Labor ARE the SAME Govt. + Also Ran Greens), & the Country didn’t even blink! As for elderly Folks & Health, generally previous generations were pretty Stoic – have you observed the Current generations – as a General observance? Allergies up to WahZoo ( Massive Food [Loose Term] ‘Inputs’ in this arena in league with the Global Chem Giants for PLANNED Progressive Health deteriorations), fall apart when the E of everything has a Gliche – Thankyou Illness/Health Dept & decades of Vaxx protocols, thankyou Education Dept for turning out Drones( But Hey, it’s MORE Important that Nature Isn’t always right on ‘Gender Preferences’ of ‘KIDS’ – SOO Knowledgeable – Maybe Not – Nature I’m sure will have the Last ‘Say’ – LMFBJQETXYZ or Vaughn Not relevant – LOL), Thankyou Govt Minstrels & Technocrats for ‘Bought Advice’ on Every facet of Human Existence! – Maybe there’s a Job opening ‘Waiting For you’ in the Private sector for ‘Services rendered’! Or was it a dream?
      I wont prattle on, suffice to know, in regards to the Chemical ‘Deployments’ per Agriculture; GMO,OR NOT! ‘Scheduled use’ of Chemicals whether Aerial Deployment or ground ‘Boom’ Spray, unless there is Weather anomolies – Rad Storms etc.,- goes ahead to ‘Schedule’, high windage or not, windage Direction or Not!. For ‘Smarties’ in the Cities, Ground Level ‘Boom’ Spray ‘Drift’ can be up to 15 – 16 Kms. Aerial deployment ‘Drifts’ CAN be up to 150 – 160 KMs. Everyone gets a Free Whiff! Which leads into;
      Just LOVE Martha & the Vandellas.= ‘No where to Run, No where to Hide!”

      Should be a Lesson in there somewhere for MINSTRELS of ALL ILKS! But Acknowledgement of THE ‘issues’ in the 1st Place, Then WILLING to actually DO something about THE ‘Issues’ (IF ‘They’ are ‘Allowed’ too), WOULD lead to a ‘Lesson Learned’! I’m NOT Holding my breath – History is on my side for C.O.M.I.C. Cyclic Catastrophe! Haven’t heard much about Cane Toads lately. AH, Cane Toad Infiltration – YEP! CON JAB 19 CAUSED THAT!
      COMIC acronym; Corporate Organised Military Industrial Complex.
      Last; Of ANY one ‘Industry or Group’ on this Planet, FIND 1, JUST ONE, Aspect of Modern life, where the CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES, ARE NOT PRESENT! ‘Cause – Effect- Solution’ (apparently ‘Solution’.)
      LOVE ‘RAW PRODUCE’ – Keep it up! It’s the only REAL FOOD!

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