December 7, 2023

5 thoughts on “Bayer loses again as U.S. Supreme Court upholds Roundup award for millions

    1. That’s right – Patented in 1961 as a Descaling/ Chelating Agent for Boilers/ Hot water pipework – Stauffer Chemical Company!
      1970 Monsanto discovers weed Killing Capabilities (Amongst other activities) & is Patented as such by Monsanto.
      See Dr George Levinskas joins Monsanto 1971 becomes Monsanto’s Director of Environmental assessment & Toxicology(The SAME Dr who played a LEAD ROLE in the Cover up of the Carcinogenic Potential of Now banned PCBs!), Knowing that Glyphosate ALSO causes Liver & Kidney Comprimisation, & the killing off of Gut Bacteria & hence Immune System Damage, DIDN’T STOP, Monsanto in 2010 PATENTING Glyphosate as a ‘ANTIBIOTIC’!
      I guess ‘PROFIT ABOVE HEALTH’, IS where the ‘Corporations’, & NON ‘Oversight’, Find it!
      1989 – Monsanto also had ‘Dealings’ with other Groups such as; Asgrow/ Agracetus/Monsanto on GMO ‘Gene Technologies’ involving Glyphosate resistant Crops.
      1992 – ‘Pioneer’ – DuPont, acquires ‘Round Up Resistance Gene’ from Monsanto.
      1996- !st time ‘Round Up ready’ Crops were Commercially Planted in the U.S. – Monsanto & DuPont. SUCK IT UP KIDS! 24 YEARS of Commercial Glyphosates Deployed GLOBALLY!
      Boom Spray ‘Chemical Drift’ @ Ground Level, windage relevant = Up to 15 – 16 Kilometers, Aircraft Deployments 150 – 160 Kilometers = Martha & the Vandellas – NO Where to Run, NO where to Hide. – HEY! THE UN’s Got Ya 6 !
      Don’t worry about contacting the ORstralian EPA, apparently there are some 457 PLUS Registered products containing Glyphosate, used widely for broad Spectrum Domestic/ Commercial purposes. THEIR – THE EPA, with Your, My ‘Illness’ in Mind, & being just a watch ‘Dog’, ‘Consider’ Glyphosate, by THE UN, ‘recommendations’, a Class 2 ‘Possible’ Carcinogen. Yes, Class 2 includes ingestion of ‘Hot Beverages & Fermented Vegetables’! So next time you get a Cancer, generational Birth defects, Vital Organ Compromisation or ANY illness, KNOW that the EPA & UN ‘THINK’ you’ve had a HOT Cocoa/ Tea or Coffee, or maybe TOO Much sauerkraut! JUST could ANYONE take these Pratt’s with ANY degree of Seriousness? – It’s a rhetorical question! LOL! – OBVIOUSLY – NO!

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