December 5, 2023

4 thoughts on “Scientists say “brain fingerprinting” children can ‘help mental disorders’

  1. Another brick in the transhuman wall. Now we have “the hatchery of scientism”, The Wellcome Trust (headed by Julia “hyperbowl” Gillard), which works closely with “the Vatican of scientism”, The Royal Society. Wow, these evil psychos will soon be able to alter the developing brains of foetuses to eliminate the possibility of thought crime later in life…they can be born Epsilons. What’s not to like…if you’re a global-parasite?

    1. As soon as I started reading this I thought to myself “Here we go, another way for these satanic parasites to manipulate our children to be good little slaves when they get older.”.
      Never mind the fact that these evil parasites cause the mental illnesses in the first place with their chemicals, poisonous vaccines, pharmaceutical drugs and tyrannical oppression.

    1. ‘The Time Machine’, – Rod Taylor. With a hint of ‘Logan’s Run’. Chuck in a dash of ‘Joe versus the Volcano’, fed by the WEF’s ‘Soylent Green’. Oversight A.I. by ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’.
      Bring your own Packet of Vegie Oil CRISPR’s & Alcoholic BeforeAGE.
      Everyone LOVES a Perfect Breeder Winner – ‘Gattaca’, & Segregated R & R – ‘IN Time’. & perfect Juiced compliant Societies – ‘Equilibrium’.
      It’s all good, it’s ALL ‘Real’ – ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ & ‘Manchurian Candidate’..

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