Social Credit? Centrelink jobseeker overhauled with new ‘point-based system’

Australian jobseekers will now be required to earn ‘100 points’ a month by completing tasks and activities to keep receiving welfare payments.

A sprouting seed of social credit?


Welfare advocates are calling on the Labor Government to delay the rollout of a new mutual-obligation system, saying it will lead to “more punishments” and more automated payment suspensions.

From July 1, the list of job interviews, searches, income reporting and other tasks a person has to complete to get their JobSeeker payment is being scrapped and replaced with a Points-Based Activation System (PBAS). 

The system, which was introduced by the Department of Education, Skills and Employment in 2020 in trial form, is due to replace the existing mutual-obligation system.

From July 4, the Jobactive program that has been running for many years will also be replaced by a new service called Workforce Australia Employment Services Provider.

Under the new system, those on Centrelink will have to earn “100 points” and do at least five job searches per month to keep getting payments, instead of having to submit 20 job applications.

To get these ‘points’, recipients must choose from a list of 30 activities that all have their own points value (ranging from 5 to 100), until you’ve made up the amount you need.

These tasks include online learning modules, attending job interviews or program participation.

While this new program allows more flexibility than the previous one, more tedious methods will now be required of job seekers to prove they deserve basic money to live.

For starters, certain programs are worth more than others, which gives off some pretty weird implications:

Programs like a PaTH Internship, the National Work Experience Program, and Launch into Work scheme are worth 25 points per week — if you do one a week, you’ll reach your 100 point target every month.

However, as we move down the list, other activities like Work for the Dole, the Adult Migrant English Program, and Skills for Education and Employment are only worth 20 points a week.

Which not only implies they are lesser tasks, it also means those who fill them out will have to do more of these tasks to reach their 100 point quota.

Be a good recipient and do as we ‘encourage’ you to do.

That being: An endless loop of revenue-generating, government-funded job schemes.

Other tasks recipients can pick up include five points for every five hours of paid work, 20 points for attending a job interview or 10 points for being a part of the Defence Force Reserves.

Pushing poor people into selling their bodies to the army? Fantastic.

Australians should definitely be a critical re: the concept of measuring the numerical worth of tasks people are forced to fill out just to be given welfare payments that are below the poverty line.

Edwina MacDonald, the Deputy Chief Executive of the Australian Council of Social Service, said she was concerned the system did not “provide the flexibility originally intended”.  

She said it “risks reproducing the same issues that led to 200,000 people every month having their payment suspended in Jobactive”.  

“Some people, particularly those with limited digital literacy or poor internet access, will experience significant challenges with the online reporting required,” she continued.  

Kristin O’Connell, a spokesperson for the Antipoverty Centre, said there was “no transparency” about how the points were assigned to each activity or “how the computer is going to decide how many points you need”.  

“The points are very unfair in that they don’t value people’s time,” she said, adding there had been little communication about the changes.

Instead of effective measures, this aims to turn recipients into just another number, rather than actual humans.

Perhaps this was the plan all along.

What is the deeper agenda at play with this new transition?


To contextualise, it is important to remind readers of the larger eco-system that welfare now exists in.

Centrelink is currently built into the government’s myGov system, which allows users to access a range of services (such as welfare) from one unique hub.

myGovID, expanding upon the familiar myGov system, has spent the two years going from beta to active status, currently allowing citizens the option of creating a digital identity that can then be used to log in.

It currently works like a digital equivalent of the 100 point ID check by using the ‘Document Verification Service’ to grant access, bypassing the need for security questions and traditional confirmation processes.

The new incarnation will soon incorporate the ‘Face Verification Service’ to verify identity documents like passports, Medicare cards and driver’s licences, and has now integrated with services like the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and others.

Starting to see the red flags here?

What happens when the traditional means are no longer an option, but mandatory?

Scan your face, earn your 100 points and we will permit you to have some money.

The Australian government has made public a new draft text of legislation designed to officially introduce an oversight body for the country’s digital identity scheme, meaning whole-of-service apps are coming.

Residents in New South Wales, for example, are already in line for a whole-of-government Digital ID that will let them connect their biometric details for access to services.

All centralised with the government, with all the services most will need moving forward.

Optional for now, but for how long will this last in a continued era of surveillance and control?

Could we be seeing the sprouting seeds of Australia’s social credit system?



Here are a few points all readers should consider.

Advocates have argued for years that these systems are not actually designed to help people out of poverty, but to keep them in it. By paying just enough to survive, and throwing out constant loopholes to jump through, most find the system itself a hinderance on their actual job-searching abilities.

Mandatory courses, constant appointments, complex online systems to navigate, etc.

Strict rules ensure compliance with this system or face swift consequence, while a shrinking job market means the government must pay millions in wage subsidies every year just for people to become ’employed’, which this hinderance ensures most are funnelled into.

The coronavirus period, including strict vaccine mandates, have ensured hundreds of thousands more are now in the welfare system struggling to survive.

Welfare dependence ensures complete government control over lives.

This is precisely why the systems are designed like this, while ensuring many more come along for the ride.

Now let’s take a look to the future.

Millions more Australians are predicted to have their jobs replaced by advanced AI systems in a matter of decades, with no preparation or training for this upcoming transition.

Higher inflation and economic recession are all predicted to be coming in the future.

Could we see a point where a large portion of the population soon end up on welfare?

Universal basic income has long predicted to be a pillar of the forthcoming new word order system, including the end of cash to accompany it, ensuring the lives of millions are dictated completely by government.

Now, taking into account the biometric framework that underpins this system..

This is getting very close to a social credit system in Australia.

A mass system where everyone must reach their points and be ‘good citizens’ to get paid.

Or provide a mandatory scan of the face to be able to pay their taxes, or access Medicare.

The processes of an economic wasteland and AI-driven digital market.

Unless you are to assume the economy and job market will miraculously recover?

Vaccine passports were the first step of this plan. ‘Download the myGov or Medicare apps so you can receive proof that you have followed the rules and got your experimental jabs’.

Who is to say this won’t be required for more certificates or more process moving forward?

The plan is to funnel as many Australians towards this centralised system as possible.

For once you are in, they will soon ensure — as they beginning with this overhaul — there is no way out.

Just a continuous cycle of mass poverty and gamified point compliance.

Sounds like a system I’ve heard about in China..


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6 comments on “Social Credit? Centrelink jobseeker overhauled with new ‘point-based system’”

  1. Yes, we are going down the dark road to technocracy and all of its inhumaneness. I have been trying to get the aged pension, as I am of that age and should, as far as I am concerned, be automatically given it after a lifetime’s worth of putting in. After giving them all the information they keep asking for the same stuff over and over again. It has been 4 months now and no pension yet. How would I be if I had no savings whatsoever – probably on the street living in a car. They do not care, especially for older people – if they drop dead they are happy – means they don’t have to pay out.

      1. I guess that ‘They’, thought we were part of The Drone factory, Fall over ourselves getting the ManSanto ‘Viper Vector Soup’, Get ‘Jabbed’ & just DIE! Issues Solved!
        Mind you, the Newby Prime Minstrel, MUST have got his WEF ‘Orders’, so I wonder what’s Next on NOT – MyGov ‘Scheduling’? I’m thinking ‘Penis installed Chips’, which means that most Bureaucrats & Technocrats, WILL get their ‘Cranials’ scanned!
        As for ‘Process timing’, The Plebs are Paying MORE Taxes than ever, For Reduced Services – OR, NO Services at all!
        Guess there’s always ‘Room’ in the Military, for ALL those redundant Small Independent Middle Class Businesses, ‘MADE’ to fall over because of CON JOB 19.
        CON JOB 19 – THE Instigators & Promoters – Lest We Forget!!

    1. This is why they forced the jabber jab once these people die off the government gets full control of the bank accounts and superfunds worth Trillions

  2. Well no one can say that humanity was not warned over two years ago, when it all started, by an awake handful, just like the watchmen on the walls of a city, but it was all brushed aside as a Conspiracy Theory. Funny how the Conspiracy Theory has become Conspiracy Fact.

    But let’s examine this a little more in detail instead shall we? A few questions that need to be asked first?

    Do these elites, globalist, oligarchs all really believe that they will be able to pursue and complete the agenda they want to?
    Do they think that the world will surrender their freedom without a fight?
    Do they think that they will enslave all of humanity?
    If humanity is reduced dramatically and the word in utter chaos, how will they restore this order?
    Why is all their plan now in the open?
    What is behind the woke agenda?
    What is behind the transhumanist agenda? Will they fulfill it?
    Who is behind it all?

    If one takes a step back and looks at the bigger picture, it then all starts to make sense. It is all going according to plan. They will not achieve all of what they plan to do as no one can remove the God given freedom of choice except the giver. The pendulum is purposefully being made to swing in the direction it is currently heading in and the fear mongering is the main tool being used to achieve the current chaotic result. This is done so that it can then eventually swing back into the other direction once it has reached its pinnacle. So what other direction would that be?

    Well it is no rocket science if one examines what has been going on behind the scenes since the very beginning and especially in the past 40 years and more specifically looks in the direction of Rome. The direction towards which it will swing back, would be straight into the arms of the man in white that sits in Rome and pretends to be God, as planned, as he is behind it all and has been from the beginning.

    Just like the good book says, and it is always truthful. “At the time of then end shall the King of the South ( atheism and/or its philosophical offspring, communism ) push at him and the King of the North ( The papal System ) shall come against him like a whirlwind”. Once the world is pushed in arm of the man in white ( the so-called order out of chaos ), the true nature of the Papal beast shall be revealed to show that Rome has not changed and his purposes are more cruel and deceitful than that of the King of the South. Regardless of it all, both Kings are the adversaries of God’s people and God himself. The Great Controversy must come to an end.

    Let he who hath an ear, hear and take note.

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