November 29, 2023

6 thoughts on “Australian vaccine blood clot cases rise, deaths investigated

  1. Even with the mounting evidence of the harm caused by this quax, still sheeple line up to be jabaroo-ed. I don’t get it.

  2. the only immunity the fauxines give is to their makers ie; big pharma is immune to any legal, commercial, medical liability or negligence, that’s it!

    these supposed vaccines (not actually vaccines per the WHO, CDC, EMA definitions) as they DO NOT sterilise or eliminate any virus & DO NOT prevent transmission or infection once administered

    the covid vaxx’s have…

    NOT been given full authorisation & licencing by the TGA (or anywhere in the world)

    NOT passed phase 3 trials (the current vaxx drive is a trial) – we still have phases 4 & 5 to go

    NOT shown to be effective or fit for purpose (you can still get infected or transmit covid)

    most importantly for me to refuse these poisons is that the companies that make the covid vaxx’s have never made actual vaccines before, ever! all have faced litigation for fraud, false claims, serious injury, fraudulent reporting, bribes, misleading benefits, etc.

    the VP of the german manufacturer biontech was asked by media if he or his family was vaxxed. he said he is waiting for the trials to end to decide if/when to get vaxxed bc he was expecting the trials will continue for at least another 2 to 3 years before they get formal approval, can’t remember his name.

    Q- if covid is so deadly, why do you need a test?

    Q- if the vaxx’s are safe & effective, why do you need to agree to a trial & waive any rights?

    Q- if these vaxx’s are actual vaccines, why can you still be infected or transmit covid?

    i’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but for fucks sake, my primary school kids have asked these exact questions.

    the TGA, ScoMo & the rest of these sold-out dogs will have hell to pay once the younger generations start to get sick & die from the plandemic hoax.



    1. Bob, you’re a lot sharper than 90% of the so-called scientists I have come across, who haven’t the courage or wit to challenge the coronahoax. The TGA’s John (“Anton LaVey”) Skerritt can now join ScoMo, Hunt, Halton, all of the Federal & State “chief medical officers” and many others at Nuremberg Trial 2.0.

      “Harvey Norman Daily” (formerly the Adelaide “Advertiser”) presstitute Rex Jory won my latest “Quaxling of the Week” award for his article demanding mandatory covax. A massive field as already assembling for next week’s edition of this prestigious trophy…after all, it MUST be prestigious and sought after, because I am always overwhelmed with contenders. ScoMo keeps putting up his hand, and indeed he is a multiple winner…but I like to share it around.

  3. So, the ONLY ‘Immunity’, is given to The ‘Vaccine/NON Vaccine [Experimental Gene Therapy] Manufacturers’ BY GOVERNMENT, & Yet, NONE of these ‘Products’ – HAVE BEEN APPROVED BY THE SAME GOVERNMENT!! – Only ‘AUTHORISED UNDER EMERGENCY!’
    What’s NOT to get? Sheeple are sheeple! The Cabal, Incorporating; Govt.,[ Politic & Agencies] Wide Spectrum MS & Social Media Platforms, Banking Systems[Lending Institutions Inc.,& Incorporated Insurances, AND Not Forgetting UN Real Estate Systems], Telco’s, Chemical Corps [Incorporating Pharma], Lifestyles & Resources Sector, , ‘Piss in their Collective Ears’, & Still ‘The Sheeple’ amble on in a Pre programmed Stupor! If you raise ANY Concerns per Subjects of Note [Even Before CON JOB 19 Rolled into Town], THE Sheep, leap to the defence of These same systems that are Screwing them over, in plain site!
    They, THE Sheep, will also ‘Grill you’ on your Information Sources, but take No issue with the Propaganda that is issued from THE Cabal!
    These observations were made, & used to great advantage by Adolph Hitler Inc.
    “How fortunate for Governments, that the people they administer, Don’t think!”
    “The Great Masses of people, will more easily fall victim to a big lie, than a small one.”
    “I use emotion for the many, but reserve Reason for the Few.”
    Thanks for the ‘Heads Up’, Adolph.
    And so goes the ‘Plain Site Installation’ of the New 4th Reich, for the NWO, with complete Voluntary Co operation of THE Sheep!
    Further; – Public Health Act 2016 (WA) – Instrument of Authorisation – Authorisation to Supply or Administer a POISON [SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) VACCINE – Australian Defence Force] (No.2) 2021!
    Last; It may be interesting of Folk, per Life Insurance, being part of THE Cabal. Has ANYONE been ‘Refused Insurance Cover’ Before, or Policy Cancellations After Personal COVID Vaccination? OR, has this slipped underneath the radar, & NO ONE Knows, asks, or Hasn’t been Notified?

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