Discussion: MyGov upgrades, changing times, AstraZeneca

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Scan your face to access your vaccine passport. Photo: MFL

On the latest episode of the General Knowledge Podcast, General Maddox and Andy Somes from Real News Australia discuss important upgrades to the MyGov system, further vaccine AstraZeneca deaths in Australia, the psychology behind media coverage, coping with the madness of the corona saga, mask hypocrisy and more.




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1 comments on “Discussion: MyGov upgrades, changing times, AstraZeneca”

  1. Thanks General and Andy, you highlight more shameful wastage of huge amounts of money by the corrupt government, and more attempts to control the populace. Looks like too much truth coming out of RNA…Andy may have been under attack by spy drones in the form of birds (possibly minors by the sound of them…surely they could have modelled the drones on a classier bird than that). Andy’s message to the bakery owner: “You’re just turning me away” was good…these people would rarely hear that from all the sheeple out there, I expect. A bit of blackening on those stupid QR checkins: excellent idea. Recently in Blackwood, “anti-vaxxers” superimposed several of them with a code that sent users to an “anti-vax” site…love it.

    I have been invited to speak at the Freedom Rally in Adelaide next Saturday…I have plenty to relate. The polizei are after money from me now, not content with just extending my 14-day house arrest earlier by another 10 days, for refusing the fraudulent “covid test”. Received an expiation fee notice ($1090). I have notified them that I will not pay it and have elected to be prosecuted. I have plenty of evidence to support my position.

    I look forward to your examination of the “Titanic”. Yes, as John Hamer’s “RMS Olympic” shows, there is much more to the story than we have been led to believe. Didn’t realise that there were indeed three sister ships until you mentioned it in this podcast: RMS Britannic (launched in 1915), which hit a German mine in [I think] 1916 and sank, with 30 lives lost.

    Keep fighting!

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