Discussion: What Really Makes You Ill? with David and Dawn

A lot of money can be made from people who believe they are sick. In the modern world, the medical industry creates diseases and promotes fraudulent ‘solutions’ to consumers.

From ‘viruses’ to chronic illness, many ailments and life-threatening conditions can be traced back to toxic lifestyles and environments in society.


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What are the depths of this deception? Can we reverse the chemical assault of every day life?

On the latest episode of the General Knowledge Podcast, the team is joined by authors David Parker and Dawn Lester, to discuss their book, What Really Makes You Ill?, and related topics surrounding the Medical Hoax, coronavirus and more.




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Make sure to check out the book discussed on this episode,What Really Makes You Ill?: Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Disease Is Wrong, for further technical analysis of the Medical Hoax deception:


Check out more of the duo’s work while you are there!



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1 comments on “Discussion: What Really Makes You Ill? with David and Dawn”

  1. David and Dawn really know their stuff. Another big nail, a massive rod-shaped bacillus, in the germ theory coffin. Tony Fauci at the heart of both the HIV/AIDS and Covid-19 hoaxes…that guy is a marvel, medical scientism’s greatest shyster. For the Covidian Cult and its Gates Covid1984 vax I have been using the analogy of Rev Jim Jones’s Peoples Temple and the purple kool-ade. Perhaps HIV/AIDS and high-dose AZT is more appropriate.

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