The Psychology of Joy – 3 Antidotes to Suffering

When our mind is morbid, it is blind to joy. Thus, if we are predisposed to morbid-mindedness, we must counterbalance this darkness with more joy.

This video explores three simple joy-promoting strategies we can use to re-invigorate our life.


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Landscape at Tivoli, with a Scene from the Grape Harvest.
Károly Markó the Elder, 1846.
“The weak have remedies, the wise have joys; superior wisdom is superior bliss.”
Edward Young, Virtue’s Apology.

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1 comments on “The Psychology of Joy – 3 Antidotes to Suffering”

  1. Thanks Ethan, a valuable antidote to the melancholy induced by the medical fascists’ awful “Internet of Bodies” (previous post)…drawing joy and strength form the wonder of nature, with not a device in sight. As always, Camus is profound: the first question to ask: is life worth living? Once answered in the affirmative, we can proceed. Reminds me, I must re-read “The Plague”.

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