September 25, 2023

1 thought on “Discussion: US Election, Great Reset, The Shift

  1. Nice discussion chaps. Here is my latest from South Australia on the Covid1984 story, in the form of a Letter to the Editor of “The Advertiser” this morning. What are my chances of publication? About the same as the PCR test (or their even worse new rapid test) identifying an actual virus, I reckon. For interstaters, the Covid Empress is Professor Nicola Spurrier (aptly named), our Chief Public Health Officer. Her day job is (or used to be) paediatrician, thus we can be sure that she is a committed Jabberjockey/Jabiru, who will push strongly for the Covid1984 vaxx next year.

    Dear Sir,
    Here we go again. Populace fear needed to be raised, hence another “outbreak” of the “dangerous, novel coronavirus” which doesn’t even exist. False positives to the “covid-19 test” whose inventor warned does not identify viruses. These positives are designated “cases” even though (if you actually believe in the virus) it is so mild that those “infected” aren’t even aware they have it. Meanwhile “covid-19 deaths” comprise misallocations of other, genuine causes of death. Some “pandemic”!
    You’ve been conned people, or sheeple. There is no scientific evidence for [anti]social distancing, lockdowns, face nappies, unconstitutional border closures, travel restrictions, deliberate destruction of jobs, tourism, airlines, gyms, the arts, restaurants. Transition Committee, time to stand down. Covid Empress, time to cover up…free thinking people have had enough of this naked medical fascism.
    Next year will see the pointy end of this business, hence will be The Year of the Vaxx. Covidian Cult followers, continue to obey your leaders. Others will remember what happened exactly 42 years ago on November 18th 1978. George Orwell, come back…you were right.
    Thank you for your consideration,
    Yours sincerely,

    Graham Lyons M Public Health PhD

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