December 5, 2023

7 thoughts on “More 5G tower victories across Australia

  1. Awesome! I live in Rural Tasmania and I would not allow a 5G antenna anywhere near my home. 4G is sufficient.

  2. The one thing that concerns me regarding the use of 5g in any area is the fact that they are the same frequency as the normal household microwave oven, except thousands of times stronger!

    We all are aware that vaccines so readily given to our children, selves and the elderly contain many metals. Try putting a metal container in your microwave oven and see what happens to it!
    The metals contained in vaccines settle in many parts of our bodies but mainly in the brain so when these microwaves interact with the metals it doesn’t take rocket science to know what will happen. Regardless as to how much of an affect it has on the brain, especially with children the outcome is far from safe.

    5g must be stopped at all costs now that the truth regarding these towers and technology is known.
    The powers that be will deny any problem in this area because there is too much money to be made by big corporations. Governments would be well aware of the dangers but still they allow themselves to be manipulated by corporations because of the kickbacks they receive.

    Anyone denying these facts not only place themselves at risk but also every child that has had vaccinations to date. I personally see and agenda that links the two on purpose.

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