September 27, 2023

3 thoughts on “Farmers rally in Melbourne to protest renewable power project

  1. If these power lines are to take power to the city, why not make the power in the city, so many roof tops could do with some solar panels, stick a few batteries in underground carparks, even wind generators on top of those sky scrappers. The most ridiculous of all is the wind generators out in the bass strait, needs to get to land and then across hills and farming land, and they don’t expect wind turbines to last more than 20 years! Then they dump them in the ocean.

  2. Good on the farmers.
    The joys of “green energy” and “the reckless race to renewables”…will end badly.

  3. I can’t see any of these so called renewables working efficiently at all. By the way, they are not renewable because once they come to the end of their life span they are dumped back into the environment and do not break down. This is the same for wind turbines and solar panels. We put solar panels on our shed some years back but they are not really that efficient at all. Would have been better spending money on a large water tank. Besides these so called green energy substitutes would never be enough to power a whole city. They must have rocks in their heads to even think that this is going to work. Obviously they are just taking orders from the Claus Schwab mob again.
    By the way, good on those farmers!

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