September 27, 2023

10 thoughts on “Who will now run London’s Rothschild dynasty?

  1. Love the Alex Jones interview, where he calls out Rothschild’s climate change/saving the world bullshit: “Your family has caused a lot of pain to the world, from the time of Napoleon…”…and that’s putting it mildly.

    This family’s ruthless nature is well illustrated by their murder of one of their own, for the “crime” of being a decent man. Amschel Mayor James Rothschild had the misfortune of being born into a family of satanists with a diabolical plan to enslave most of humanity. He was the son of Victor (“The Fifth Man”), who transferred British and US nuclear secrets to Israel and the Soviet Union. The lies about Amschel’s death at 41 in the Bristol Hotel, Paris in July 1996 remain on the internet:

    “…took his life due to depression after death of mother.”

    The New York Times of 12/7/1996: “Amschel Rothschild, the man who many people believed was in line to lead the Rothschild family’s legendary banking dynasty, committed suicide this week, the company said today.”

    This “suicide” was accomplished by the only recorded case of a “horizontal hanging” in history. Indeed, he died just six weeks after the death of his mother, but the timing of his demise had more to do with the family waiting for his mother to die so as not to upset her unnecessarily than to “his depression due to her death.”

    It is unlikely that the death of Sir Evelyn will trigger a similar event…more likely there will be a seamless succession…as long as his successor is sufficiently devoted to his “master” to continue their agenda. This is not the only “bloodline family” involved in this “enterprise”, of course. Some researchers consider them to be outranked by the families of the “Italian black nobility”.

  2. RuffsChilleds, With the Amount of ‘Historical Damage’ done to Countless Nameless Global citizens, & the Financiers of BOTH SIDES in Major CONflicts (AND CURRENT SWINDLES), DOES any ‘Normal Human’ made of Blood/Bone/Morals, ‘Really’ give a Toss about these Financial Predatory Parasites, OR THEIR ‘WELFARE’? – REALLY?

    ” I say waiter, can you please ask those Patrons next door to me, to Please ‘Tone’ it down?”
    Matre’D; “But Sir, they are the World famous “RottenChilds”! Their Repugnation, Er Sorry, That’d be, Reputation proceeds them! & their Financials have Elevated them to Centuries of Elite Status!”
    “That’s Great My good man, but after they’ve had their Collective nasal Cavities surgically removed from the Ceiling, can I get several good ‘Shooters’ of Ivermectin, to Nuetrilise My proximity? Or alternatively, Call the local Vet & bring me a Distemper Shot & booster for their CDV – SAFE & EFFECTIVE! Thankyou My Good Man!”
    OH! & ‘THEY’, The RuffiansChilders (Bank of England Gnomes – Zurich Not inclusive) stole Control of THE Australian POPULATION’S Base Banking Systems., Finally by the Early 70’s, after ‘Trying’ since they found out ‘Australia’s Colonial Wealth Base’, aka Australian Govt., GOLD & ‘Wealth Realisations’, After WW1 ‘Debt Payment’ Financial Disclosures; Circa 1919.
    ALSO in 1919; 28/ Oct; The Treaty of Peace(Germany) Act., ‘Royal Accent’ confirming (Apparently) Australia’s membership as a ‘Sovereign Nation’ in the new ‘League of Nations’, & indicating Australia’s ‘Independence’ from the United Kingdom – it DOESN’T appear so!
    Further Wunderbar Global citizens ‘Inputs’;
    RT-PCR COVID -19 > ‘Hypothetical Disease’ Yr 2019 tag -19)Dedicated ‘Test Kits’ Patent registration R. Rothschild (U.K.) Yr 2015.
    Bulk Global Exports of RT-PCR ‘Dedicated’ CoV-19 Test Kits including to N.Z AND AUSTRALIA YEAR 2017/18. World Bank/IMF Global Trade Tracking System # 300215. WHAT A GUY/ FAMILY! SUCH FORESIGHT, for OUR ‘FUTURE’ Health!
    Still need Me ivermectin Shooter! Move over EWE!

  3. Will he been missed, this despite the airs of invincibility, the reaper always calls, de Rot Schild , is after all
    only a name , not the real family name but a dynasty, I see the question of rank raised in the scheme of
    things , to bloodlines, of the Babylonian Cast, the ” black nobility ” .. Ah yes, legends and family deals,
    to divide the spoils , with some of the more excitable wasting vast fortunes in conquests, with only the
    insertion of Papal and religious rite , where the Ghost of Rome has been usurped as a the Fiefdom of
    Property of the World , with the Papacy by Papal Decree ( Bulls) inflicting legitimacy to stealing the
    world and its resources in the name of the Lords , man on earth, something every good cabal should
    The Bankers of Venice, the Silk Road , sounds familiar, as deals and treatise brokered for trade, then
    we have the Khazarians , who by cunning and deception due to political and military threats assumed
    themselves to the house of Judah, to become what is biblically stated , of those who claim to be but are
    not. Who went west and into the caucuses, clever , resourceful deeply entrenched in the wiles of trade
    and commerce but it could be said , a high price was paid for their canny talents , remember, they chose
    the cloak to wear and with it the default inheritance, vast wealth, for these pretenders, in the end it matters
    not, for their time is short , as we convinced of reality in which dominion is claimed by these who hide
    behind the viel of the minions as the rule is only in the minds eye and the material world , and the fear
    of losing what is not yours to lose:! The fear of death , is the only weapon and the fragility of human
    existence without faith is just that as he the lion roars and devours those who have no name, I am.

    Does the leopard change its spots, I think not , what drives these , what motivates, the more, when is
    it enough, ? When you have it all, ……but you don’t have it all , because the wealth, all that glitters and
    shines is nothing, to what the real wealth is, …’s the song go, the ” stinking personnel” Yes that’s
    the real treasure and what drives the these, and the station in life these have is bound in blood, and
    the soul has already been sold. Gather the sheep, demoralised godless and fearful , let my people go,
    applies as much now as it did then, we are the same people.

    Ah yes , how quickly it is forgotten, yes , those NLP slogans of opportunity, the grate the teeth and
    sear emotional responses, not measured in knowledge, just indoctrination, ” entitled ” ” white privilege ”
    ” white supremacy ” all the language is a mockery, to make resentment, accept your lot as the ” have
    nots” yeah , great way to protect your supremacy because supremacy has nothing to do with race ,
    Look at the photographs in the article, what supremacy do you see here. ? What is seen is only the
    name……Rot Schild.

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