September 27, 2023

4 thoughts on “Smart ticketing expands in Victoria and Queensland

  1. BING- BING!
    ADOPT; AugmentedDigiOptimalPrisonTransit A.I./Social Digi Voice;
    “This IS NOT’ a wakeup call! Please step into your ‘Public’ CONveyance. Make sure you have your Bios available for Scanning. ‘Masking’ of your Non Private Bias, is Now acceptable, inside ‘Targeted GovCorp parameters Listings’.. Your Bio’s can now, NOT be masked, Thanks TO – Broad ‘Invasion’ Body markers (Jaberoo Onboard programmed ‘Wet Ware’)& personal devices cross referencing! Please step away from the Door, before ‘Systems’ movement can begin. Please make sure all body Parts are well inside the Unit, critical thought scanners are in ‘PROcessing Mode’.
    ALERT; “This is MaaS (Mega ANALytica Algorithm Spooks) transit scanning Systems. Car 3, Seat B13. YOU have been detected as carrying ‘CASH’! Transit Bots have been notified of the ‘SITUation’, & Social Media has Broad deployed, your INconsideration to other Social/Public transit Patrons for Mob Lambasting & Humiliations!
    Have a Great Day Citizens. And now some Core Train(ing) Music, for your Journey – Do Not forget to send your ‘Anonymous’ MIS/DISapproval rating of C3/B13 Transit patron, direct to ‘They’ singular. ‘They’, E Chat address is appearing on your Device now, via NotMyGov@SheepCube’d interactive services, proudly sponsored by SercoPrisms.”
    Background Music cut in; By The Australian CONposer YOhand Stress – ” The Bluey’s DanUsed.’ (Intermittent Sheep grazing noises in background. The BAH, BAH – Bah Waltz.)

    ANALytica – ‘Analyze -Decide -Act’. = Analytica is a consulting and information technology firm serving US public and private sector enterprises focused on national security, law enforcement, health care and financial services. The company specializes in implementing on-premises and cloud computing solutions for information management, (Not to be Confused with Cambridge/Facebook[CIA start-up ‘inputs’] Analytica – Maybe’.
    Further; Analytica Munich; The analytica is the leading international trade fair for laboratory technology, analysis and biotechnology, which now has satellite events in China, India and Vietnam. It takes place every two years in Munich and offers ‘total solutions and market-ready products’ in the field of laboratory in industry, research and science. The analytica is the meeting place for the international market leaders of the analysis and laboratory technology industry and is considered the leading trade fair platform for innovative laboratory technology and pioneering biotechnology. The focus is on the ‘entire value chain’ of modern laboratory processes from laboratory technique on analysis and quality control to ‘biotechnology, life sciences and diagnostics’. At no other exhibition as on the analytica the business opportunities in addition to the research aspects are put in such a special great focus. The scientific core of the analytica is the analytica conference. It brings directly together suppliers, users and researchers of the industry and thereby promotes interdisciplinary cooperation at a high international level. Here renowned experts lecture on the latest situation regarding international innovations and the dialogue with renowned scientists will be possible. The practice-oriented program with specialized forums, special shows and the Live Labs accompanying the exhibition, puts knowledge transfer, best practices and exchange of information in the foreground.

    Just in; News – Apparently, from an UNreliable source; The PRE Purchased International Criminal Court of the Hague., has issued an arrest warrant for Russian President, a one Mr Putin on the Ritz. Shortly after this announcement, the ICC realised that ALL of the PRE purchased, ‘Charges’ were a Diversionary Hoax, by Oligarchs International, & the Fact that THE ICC, HAS been ‘Looking the other CONvenient Way’,for DECADES – & Replaced ‘Putin’s ‘Arrest Warrant’, With THEIR OWN ARREST! Charge; ‘ICC; Global Graft & Protectionist Racketeering’.

  2. Never used MyKEeee and I won’t use the new one, lucky I don’t use public transport, keep cash alive folks! Track our everymove, every payment, every purchase, what next, digital tracking of use of public toilet?

  3. And the key phrase from Minister Bailey is, ” meaning you don’t have to think…”
    Ha, ha.

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