October 2, 2023

4 thoughts on “How Inflation Enriches Politicians and the 1% | Video

  1. THE ‘Wealthy’ as a ‘Collective’ ARE particularly USELESS, with a lot of their Life Skills, Failing @ the First level, with NOT being able to ‘Boil an egg’ to save their Pathetic lives! The Higher the Wealth, pro rata, the less ACTUAL Life skill base available.
    ‘Now then, where’s my 6 Inch Stilettos, so I can jump into my ‘Lambo’ & Drive ‘Practically’, down to the supermarket, to get some Caviar & ‘Bugs’ for tonight’s Soiree!’ LOL.
    AND, the CONtrol Junkies, STILL haven’t worked out, (PETS Govts Incl.)That IF you TOTALLY Deprive the Masses, Finally, INEVITABLY, THEY are Coming for what THE WEALTHY ‘Have Got’ – & Screw what ever ‘Security’ You’ve ‘Got’! = Numbers WIN! (Ref; Paris 1790 > 99), & because THE ‘Wealthy’ have ‘Incapacitated’ a reasonable proportion of the ‘Status Quo Class’ – Physically / Phsychologically/ Financially(The Middle class via Jabs, lock Downs, Modest Wealth ‘Interferences’), ‘Moderators’ of such actions will be M.I.A., or just not ‘Give A F#ck, for The ‘Well Resourced Classes’ – ‘Outcomes/Fall’! Note; ‘Elite’ is NOT a correct term for these ‘Social Units’.

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