November 29, 2023

8 thoughts on “Ratings fall as more Australians switch off TV talking heads

  1. Not surprised at all. People are just sick of the dribble and lies. They will not let anyone speak on the shows that do not fit their mantra. I have been weaning myself off many shows I used to watch, now I basically only watch doco’s like Shadow Government on Vice.

  2. I’d like to think it’s more a case of people starting to wake up than losing interest but the fact that lame stream media is losing it’s appeal is a positive sign that people are becoming less interested in the media’s manipulative, deceptive bullshit.

  3. ‘T.V ratings plummet!’ = OH DEAR! With the Collective Morning Show I.Q.s NOT large enough to even fill a Gerbil’s Jock Strap, & the ‘Selected Items’ of ‘News’ [1] , no longer even able to keep the attention of Gold Fish , even those with More than 3 seconds Memory, the Previous & Current DILLema of Commercial MS Media, & soon to be followed by Social Media, IS 110% SELF INFLICTED!! – Even allowed for GST – Gross Stupidity Theatrics.
    [1] The Term ‘News’, is a loose reference to Completely Manufactured Slick BULLSHIT, Edited /Censored/Mis-Dis – PropaGAGdies to Professionally cover NOTHING of any great Importance, Choreographed to impress the Kleenex crew, or permanently push Drones into the Zombie Fear ToolBox, whilst the Ship of OZ Fools Occupying ‘Control’ of our Systems, Deliberately, in League with the NOT ‘Opposition’ Politic, ‘Search’ for a Wrecking reef to put paid to OUR Collective Multi Spectrum Vessel!
    GOD SAVE THE KING! – HOORAH! = Somewhere in a Gerbil’s left nut bag, several sperm converse;
    Sp 1; “So who’s this proper Charlie anyway, & who ‘Elected Him’?
    Sp 2; ” Apparently He is a King!”
    Sp 3; “What, ‘Coz he’s got no shit over him? That only makes sense if your searching for a Grail! How old is he?”
    Sp 1: ” I heard an ABC Morning show host, or was that a parasite, same same. Anyhow, a host in Dad’s Jock Strap, say he’s 73 Years old.”
    Sp 2 ; “Bloody Nora! If that was a Gerbil, that’s humans 1 Month = 2 of our Years, times 12, times 73. That’s 1752 Gerbil Years before You could become a Ruling Gerbil! Lucky We’re Safe in Here! You SURE this Charles human hasn’t been Carbon 14 Dated?”

    “Sorry Chaps, due to Budget Cuts @ ABC , on Poor Show Ratings, We’ve – HAD TO CUT THE GERBIL’S BALLS OFF!”
    Good News; With the possible ‘Axing’ of Lacklustre T.V. Programming, the Heads of Media Corporations have Round tabled the Current ‘Issues’, & collectively proposed a far more Entertaining & Educational Stratagem, by Cutting of ALL the Executives heads & placing them on a Pike, in front of their collective HQs in celebration of Charles Succession to the Throne room! HOORAH!
    Sorry! That would in fact be, cutting out the Previous Abuses to Folks still retaining Intelligence, & will now be showing a Static ‘Test Pattern’ for Peak viewing periods!
    Notes; A Message from M.S. Media at the behest of The Labor/Liberal/Gringe Ship wrecking Crew;
    “CON JOB 19 Is NOT over. So practice personal Hygiene, NO Hugging, NO Hand shaking (Unless it’s Uncontrollable as an Involuntary result of a CoV JABEROO DAMAGE. OR, You ARE President J. Biden from UNaware – D.C.), NO Kissing, NO showing ANY traits of being Human!”
    Please note, in view of this; NO gerbils were harmed or Actually abused, Physically or Mentally- (Incorporating Effective organic Anti Media Infections Via in this Dialogue, & and Virtual Stunt doubles, Together – Apart, were in fact used for Gerbil Sperms 1,2 & 3, practicing Pro rata Social distancing, & Not withstanding, the Vast spare space occupied by collective MS Intellect/Moral (LOL) values inside Shared Gerbil’s personal ‘Smalls’! Furthermore, ‘Nature’ has even provided, before Budget cuts were enforced by ‘Snipping’, a Proper DISGUST at the ‘Operations’ of Media, long before Now!
    DISGUST – Deploying Industrial Supported Global Unilateral Synthetic Texts.
    History Observers; ” It is the Press above ALL, which wages a positively fanatical & Slanderous struggle, tearing down Everything which can be regarded as a support of National Independence, Cultural elevation , & the economic Independence of a Nation!” – Mssr Adolph Hitler. – What’s changed!

    Oh look! I’ve just taken a quick snippet from this News rag! Apparently, ‘WE’ are to be Lashed to the English Rack, until the End of Days! Typical Local something from CAN’TBERRA; Yet to be finalised;
    Queen Elizabeth Holiday for Mourning – STOP the Planet, including Medical ‘Necessities’! THE Wrecking Crew Cabal, NOT happy with Destruction of Independent Small Business via CON JOB 19, & THE Dropping of THE Economy Further DOWN THE HOLE, THE ‘Mourning Holiday’, has Restricted Open/Closing Times, whilst Lizzies birthday (SHE is apparently 192 Yrs old = 2 Birthdays per year, 1] 21 April 2] 2nd Saturday in June), has Extended Trading hours? & with Charles the Trd making Noises about visiting The ‘Colonies’, will ‘WE’, be ‘Footing the Bill’ for said visit, so that ‘Charles’, doesn’t have to Bankrupt himself with his $s or English Pound 600 MILLION Personal worth, give or take Mum’s $38 BILLION in assets. A ‘Struggle’ for Sure! I’ll consult the Mornings Press – Sorry, They’re making Muffled sounds from a Gerbil’s Nether regions. Look, that one bears an UNcanny resemblance to Richard Gere!
    Wellness, oh, & 50 Lashes – Forget the Cat, Thanks for the Beer Mate

  4. Tell-lie-vision “news” services may have been able to maintain the pretence that their daily fare was reasonably accurate if they all hadn’t taken the lies, propaganda and fear porn to a whole new level in order to perpetrate the coronahoax, in lockstep with pHARMa-corrupted govts the world over.They morphed from the “mainstream media” (MSM) into the “fake news media” (FNM) and finally into the “Judas goat media” (JGM). Hang your heads in shame. What amazes me most is that ANYONE still watches/believes them after this.

    1. Your, Correction by Editor. THE Prime Minstrel Of Osterichia – Forever Bend Da Kneesy addresses the Nation, via Public Purse sponsored Media; (And after removing head from Kiribilli Ground refuge)
      “My Fellow UNwashed, after taking the Baton from my former Minstrel in Crime, & carrying on His Proxy WEF/IMF/Bank of England/Israeli/Sino/U.S. Legacy, may I just reflect on our Stewardship of this great vessel SS OREstralia. TRY as we might, with ALL of our Collective CO-Operative Political Will, WE, cannot, no matter how hard we try, Permanently Beach this Pig! Every time we run Her aground, Australian ‘Believers’, ‘Voluntarily rescue’ their fellow Souls, whilst WE, ‘THE Crew’, walk across their Collective Heads & Still Buoyant lifeless Torsos, to the Nearest Slosh Bucket! With their Collective Endless Labours [Not us, or our Party Politic], the ‘Voluntary’ rescuers of SS Australia, redeem IT from Endless Peril, repairing the ‘Damage’, at ‘Their Expense’, WITHOUT ACTUAL Tangible Complaint, driven on by an ANZAC Spirit, which we seem UNable to Dissolve, no matter how hard we try to Accomplish this Social Infringement to our ‘Sponsors – The WEF & ‘Crown’! GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!, UM, ER, EiR —
      (turning to Prompter/Aid – Jeeves, – Photo cue & Thumbs up, from side stage), RIGHT! GOD SAVE THE KING! Our NEW Captain! HOORAH!
      Lashings of Dom Perignon All round for US & HIM, & GROOL & Jabs All round for The Volunteers, @ Their Expense – ALL OF IT! Oh look! We’ve already got our Hand in their Pockets! Or is it thEIR got hands in our Pockets? (Prime Minstrel leaning towards Aid/Jeeves)Jeeves, Check Rio Tinto’s Ongoing value!
      (Back to national address)AND, to the rest of You I say,-WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT’S EMPTY? CHECK THE OTHER POCKETS! WE haven’t got thru this Crate of Dom P. Booze Yet! (Under breath) get the Public purse Credit card out.
      Carrying on – I/WE, DECLARE ANOTHER HOLIDAY FOR SOMETHING SO WE CAN FINISH GETTING A SKIN FULL! Oh Look! The Volunteers have Refloated THE BOAT, AGAIN! HOORAH! – They never Learn! Now then, seeing as WE are ALL ship shape again, warm up MY NON Polluting Jet, gather the other Minstrels & MY Court, & let’s Junket our way to Bucking Huge Palace! I always wanted to know what BHP actually meant! Not that ANY of this IS for the Constant Peasants, Er My fellow Repressed Citizens. LASHINGS OF GROOL FOR THE UNWASHED TO CELEBRATE EX QUEENIE! Or is that suppose to be Lashings, AND gruel? We’ll leave the Other Grool in the capable ‘hands’ of the Other Royal ghouls of Clan Andrew. AND WE’RE OFF! Is My Court Media operatic crew onboard, er ONboard with ALL of this, & to Come Jeeves?”
      Jeeves/ P.M. Aid; “Yes Sire. They were Knocking up Text, even Before the Previous EiR Rep had even Paused to Perish, your Great UNawesomeness. Before we go to Londinium my Sire, have you packed Your Lip Balm to kiss all those Feet, remembering your Foot ‘n’ Mouth issues previously? My Mistake, that was WEF Foot ‘In’ Mouth. You DO remember the Quarantine ‘Scare’ last time Sire? I’m sure it was Coincidental! Oh, &, you’ll need your Knee Pads, My Benda Kneesy, considering the Same Grovelling Tour of Duty, after your Proxy Electiveness!”
      Prime Minstrel; “What are you Talking about Jeeves? My Lip transplant after my Proxy InAUguration ‘Thanksgiving Tour’ to ALL of ‘THEM’, is holding up Splendidly!”
      Jeeves; “I’d suggest the Red, White & Blue Knee pads with the Union Jack logo, Prime Minstrel Sir.”
      P.M.; “The Jets Loaded, WE’RE OFF for New Orders & PARTY TIME! Er Jeeves, who can we leave in charge of SS Australia, whilst I’m Gone?”
      Jeeves; “Well, a P. Wong hasbeen, sorry Sire, has a History, as ALL of you, a Lacklustre Navigator previously Sire, &, She/Her/He/They – Plural Singular, ARE your Current Foreign Affairs Minstrel. So if your looking for Consistent beaching, She/Her/They ARE Your Man, Er Woman, Er navigator. As an extra Bonus, Sire, & Considering our Newby King Charles the Carbon 14 Prerequisite, is into the WEF/IMF/ – CO2 Program, you may want to Impress him My garden gnome, after you get off your knees of Course, that Members of your Poxy Govt, – Sorry Sire, YOUR Proxy Governance, are currently ‘Thawing’ relations with your other Split Overlords – China Sir. A one Miss, Identified She/ Her, Miss/Mrs Wong Sire. Confirmed by M.S. Media Sire!”
      P.M.; ” Jeeves! That’s NO Bloody Good! Was that the Morning or Afternoon Show?
      And Split, isn’t that in Croatia not China?”
      Jeeves; ” Simply Amazing Your Knee Capness! TOO much Dom P again? No Sire, it’s an Elementary division found in Many forms, & in this context, NOT the City. Though you did know about Croatia, has, some cred redemption. The other point is that, by mentioning Miss/ A Wong turns, Foray into ‘Thawing’ anything, may be Construed as NOT believing in King Charlies WEF/IMF Cabal’s wheelbarrow push ( NON polluting- Except @ Manufacturing, Maintenance & Recycling Stages), that CO2 is responsible for Everything from NON Globule warming & his Kingship’s ice cream melting in the Sun, to Globule Economic Recessions, To Population reductions, To Bucking Huge’s drapes fading, to The Royal gerbil called Harold – Not feeling ‘In the Mood’, & obviously ‘Outfall’ from CON JOB 19 jabs. Oh, & apparently IT’S responsible, along with the Russkies, for the Ukraine issue ‘Heating Up’!”
      P.M. ; ” ENOUGH Jeeves! I didn’t hear anything After you started Talking! O.K. put The Foreign affairs Minstrel in charge of SS Australia, to Navigate possibly in another Wong direction, & get on board the Jet! The Dom P’s getting Warm! – Must be right – Globule warming! Get that CO2 Soda stream dispenser for My Champers will you Hostess, it’s Losing it’s ‘Bubbles’!”
      Jeeves; ” Oh for Gods sake! Can ANYONE wake up THIS Ship of Fools? ( A thought caresses Jeeves mind). I say my Prime Minstrel cherub, not to Float your Boat, ‘Others’ consistently Volunteer for that, but will you be Confirming with Charles the Trd, that YOU’LL be the ONE, keeping his Mum’s Head on ALL of our Legal Tender?”
      P.M. ” OH SHIT!”
      Wellness – You Didn’t hear this in the Mourning Show!

  5. Don’t tell me the mirror magic is wearing of, that cult of personality worship of the lesser gods of the mesrmerized;
    are falling from favour , of the commercial rich , infommercial environs , of the forever smiles ; where a reality of
    the cash cow is but a phone call away, ancient rituals these:
    Remember back to the arcane times , of the black and white , by today’s standards that would be politically
    incorrect, ah yes, get your Camels, yes when doctors said smoking , was somehow representative of good health:
    The reality is this foray of mind control costs a motza, yet it would seem that the well laid plans of financial
    chaos, and economic stagnation , that even the bright stars of the everyday consumption , are now facing
    the same dilemma of justifying their existence , for the need to do it another way:

    We tire of this , saturation of the opinions and the consecration of these of the sunshine race , claiming the
    high ground of morale conscience , bearers of the social indignation banner , claiming it on our behalf ;
    as the engineering of the social morass , of the iconoclast, safe in isolation, on a platform where any
    critic , or valid questioning , leads to being ostracised , tagged, bagged and put in the corner:
    Well , it would seem that some have found the off switch:
    The Death of the Queen, has shown us quite clearly , the idol worship, the concept of the inane of so called newsworthy moments ; just total mind numbing gruel :

    You could say, that the desperation for the maintenance of the hypnosis of “News” is the imperative ,
    here, as the sullied and portnoy’s complaint , of the moral bounds of anything is called politics, on the
    World scale , is gathering momentum of it being very much on the nose, and the narratives of the
    Mis, Dis, Information, and the validity of the so called leaders is exposed, as what we see now, the wriggle,
    and pout , of walking back the past sins, the mass and collective criminal acts , as if it was all just a big
    mistake, aka : Ardern; “its about people, making choices”
    Yes; yet the “Talking Heads” as always : say ………..Nothing:!!!

    1. “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall,
      Are you a Real Mirror, or Just THE ‘Daily Mirror’ Saying as usual – FCK All?”
      Common thoughts Young John! Though, I do wonder IF current School Levers (Yr 12 No less) of Ed. Dept.Gov.Org @ Pillock.Program. Clan ‘Sexuality ONLY ‘R’ Us WILL save Me from THE REAL World’, would understand even 1 quarter of the Words used in your Text! WHY would I mention this – entertainment! – NO Sorry. These Muppets, are the New Cadets & Social sponges of the Journo M.S. & SocILL Soc it to Me Media World! And, THE ‘Word’ & their NEO ‘Definitions’, have been ‘Altered’ By ALL & Sundry, to fit the New age of relative NO Speak, & Clan Kleenex!
      Mmm. ‘”It’s all about people making ‘Choices’?” Reference to N.Z. WEF New World Order P.E.T.S ‘R’ us Jacinda Ahernia? What was the Associated ‘Fines/ Gaol Times’ for ‘possession’ of N.Z Mosque attack Film Footage? Wouldn’t want Folks ‘Picking Holes’ in AN ‘Official Narrative’, like SO MANY before AkA; Pt. Arthur, Sept 11, London 7/7 , maybe even Bali Night Club,& On!
      OR, ‘making choices’ to ‘Peacefully Protest’ outside the supposed Symbol of Democracy – N.Z Parliament, Before the Cabal INSIDE, ‘Set’ The DOGS Onto Them! –
      “WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?” Ra RUFF, Ra RUFF! – Jacinda Inc., after ‘Conversing & Politic Consensus’ AGAINST Their ‘Employers’ – DID! Le Bitch! Must be something to do with ‘Heat’ – Global Warming! Knew it! – Ra RUFF!
      Just for Royalists, & with the MS Media in mind – Apparently Lizzie, CAN’T EVEN take a Break, Even AFTER Cracking off the ‘Coil’! Lucky some of them Die, or else the Tabloids would have to resort to the Tedium of USUAL Mass Manufacture. This gives them Weeks of Hot Air!
      Noticed Yemen, Palestine, Syria, Covid Something, even UKR Something, & local Australian Crap, seems to have fallen off the Face of the Earth! Whoops Sorry! Serious Bullshit Services, have just pumped UP their ‘Version’ of Ground Events in the UKR – From their Studios in Australia!
      Comedy Company LIVES!

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