November 29, 2023

4 thoughts on “Where, Oh Where, Is Albo? | Video

  1. Hollow man or straw man? Both, because straw is hollow. Weeks ago I said Albanese’s big test was whether he would stand up for Julian Assange. He failed miserably, exactly as I expected. He is an even more obedient puppet of the global-parasites than his woeful predecessor. Onya, Albo!

  2. Where’s Albo?
    Due to being ‘Selected’ as the new ‘PRIME MINSTREL’ of the nation of ‘OR Strange Lear’ (But NOT a King), our – Sorry, THE, P.M. is living up to his New Novel Proxy ‘requirements’ as Head prefect, & Rockin’ on around the World to ‘Kick’ – Er Sorry again, ‘KISS’, All & sundries Collective Arses, & of Course Albo’s ‘Bend Da Kneesee!’
    Hope You’ve Taken protection ‘Bend Da’, & apply a Liberal, – Sorry, They’ve been placed on Temporary Hold polishing the seats on the other side of Parley- A- Meant, A liberal amount of Balm, to save on Chaffed Lips!
    KISS by the way, is an old acronym, prevalent amongst the Roman Factor of Millenia gone by;
    Keep It Simple Stupid. Fortunately for Everyone in Minstrel Land, WE have sent the Right Simpleton, WITH appropriate Entourage & ‘Peoples Credit Card’ – PCC, out into the World – Maybe by inversion – 1ST ‘Stop’ – CCP. Well, Someone IS obviously ‘Paying’ for ‘Someone’ Else!
    Yes Folks, welcome to Christmas in July! So as long as YOU have a Job, ARE still WELL Physically or Mentally- because you HAVEN’T been ‘Jabb Bait’, are NOT Psychologically damaged from any 1 of the Current ‘Pretenders’ to PRIME MINSTREL WannaBees CON JOB 19 Protocols, Still have your Partner & Family, &, OR, your Independent Small business is STILL active, have WE got a deal for YOU!! Todays Special Deal, a FULL set of Grovel Knee pads – Universal size, Nano Padded, can add ancillary drool catchment liners & Prostrate position extenders – with Timer, comes in Red /white & Blue National colours. Pack comes with 7 Twin Pads marked with the Every day of the week, to save on Confusion & is aimed at No fuss Simplistic Logic. A Prime Minstrel pack, at NO extra cost, comes with an UN-breakable mirror built into the top of each pad, so that the ‘Wearer’ NEVER again has to feel threatened or Inferior, by looking into their Superiors- or Supervisors ‘EYES’. A ‘5 Eyes’ TAC glasses lenses are an Extra Special Feature upgrade for relative Candidates!
    HOW MUCH? I hear you ask, would that Special Poxy- Er sorry, Proxy Minstrel be willing to Shell out for this Complete PRIME Minstrel Pack, including ALL the Extras?
    Whatever WE want! ALL major Credit cards are accepted! Master Cards from Dodgy Global Hedge Funds, Discriminatory Pay a Pal Systems, & Give Something Send & GO- Until WE decide to ‘Freeze’ your Accounts! So it’s New Age Groveling & in the Groove for Me! – Equal opportunity, All ages, from Mask wearing Muppets to PRIME MINSTRELS!
    You can trust us! All products are insured as part of THE package deal, by our Reliable/ Astute friends @ China Taiping Insurance Holdings.
    Disclaimer; All of this Product is made with Local Design /Components Manufacture, Assembly, Packaging & any other Facilitations including Seasons – THIS IS, referencing ANY other Country OTHER than Australia. Make sure the Product PDF & all other details including Non Legible print sizes , references are Right for you, before attempted purchase. Pre purchasing Note; IF using Australian Currency quotes, please take notice that THIS Currency is DOWN against ALL other FAILING Economies, for TOTALLY CONTRIVED Reasons & May – Sorry, WILL, affect the product pricing! Good news on Supply, Australian Ministers are World renown pro rata, More than other Nations for ‘Knee’ Bending, so ample supplies are available.
    “BEND THAT KNEE BOY! Oh I see your sporting the New Knee pads! By the way Albo it’s Wednesday, Not Tuesday!”

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