December 5, 2023

5 thoughts on “A look at aerial and ground-based cloud seeding techniques

  1. They can have all the equipment but you still cannot magically produce weather modification if the potential cloud/conditions are not there in the first place.

    You cannot conjure up “weather” events if preexisting cloud formations are not present. It’s all just another distraction to take our eyes off of declining food production due to COLD weather anomalies and the fact that we are entering a cycle of declining food producing climates due to NATURAL reoccurring climate cycles

  2. Good article Ethan and the videos say it all. They are indeed playing God and no amount of denying will change that. There is no climate change. The world is now under the control of the one who calls himself the “illuminated one” ( aka Lucifer = Angel of Light ) and he has been allowed to toy with the weather for now and control it using human agents. His aim is to bring down the world into utter chaos including the weather as well and then blame it on the Almighty.

    The reason why the Almighty allows all of this, is because most of humanity has broken and abandoned his convenant and they have therefore chosen and allowed the “illulminated one” to take control of this world and bring havoc to it. There is no other reason and any other reason or excuse is what the devil wants people to believe.

    There will come a time soon where almost all will suffer, the rich and elitists and those who think they are in control of the world and in control the food supply will have absolutely nothing, no water and no food.

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