Multiple protesters crash Sydney speech by Chinese ambassador

Anti-CCP protesters have been removed by security after interrupting a speech by the Chinese ambassador in Sydney.


Protesters have gatecrashed a speech by China’s ambassador to Australia to question Beijing’s record on human rights.

Multiple people interrupted Xiao Qian’s address to the Australia-China Relations Institute at the University of Technology in Sydney.

The ambassador, appointed earlier this year, had began speaking about how to improve ties between the two countries when he was interrupted by successive protesters.

Well-known anti-Chinese Communist Party activist, Drew Pavlou, was among the protesters to be removed from the event by security guards.

One woman shouted “They are committing genocide in Tibet”, as she was ushered out by a staff member.

The woman held a sign reading “Free Tibet, free East Turkestan, free Hong Kong!”


The group took a stand to call out Australia for continuing to build ties with a country responsible for human rights abuses, including the biometric segregation of Muslim minorities, Hong Kong suppression and more.

“How we can keep the momentum, and get our relationship back on the right track,” Mr Xiao told the audience shortly after.


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3 comments on “Multiple protesters crash Sydney speech by Chinese ambassador”

  1. Well Done Drew & others of Clan Spine, drawing attention to the Ongoing Celebration of Chinese ‘Versions’ of Democratic Values 101, Aptly shown 33 Years ago this Month, < 20 Days, per Tiananmen Square CCP 'Co Operative Citizenry Activities'. MIA – Local Broad Spectrum Ethics.
    & 'They' have sent Fourth, the NEO Manchurian Candidate. – Expansion Pack, inclusive of SUCK -UP to Follow. – Sydney University Collaborative Knowledge – Undermining Populations.

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