December 6, 2023

9 thoughts on “The mandate saga is not yet over in Australia

  1. The absurdity of this is gobsmacking. I have lost thousands $ from clients rejecting my services (having first sought those services) when I reveal that I cannot meet their requirements. I object loudly and seek the scientific basis of their mandate and the legal authority of it after May 13th when the NSW Govt removed the PHO. That same PHO was the legal basis upon which they based the imposition of their mandates in the first place. Councils for instance claim to be protecting their staff but my main contact would be with their residents and other members of the public, generally in wel ventilated and outdoor spaces.

  2. I used to care that people “had” to have the Jab to save their jobs etc. but now, as harsh as it may seem if they are still so fucking stupid to go along with the “safe and effective” narrative and continue to comply to coercion in face of the ever increasing adverse reaction to the Jab data … There is no hope they will resist the greater tyranny that is to come. And are more and more likely to become the enemy of those who choose to say NO to the state and its masters,

    1. Good post. As the saying goes “You can take a horse to the water, but you cannot make it drink”. You have to let them exercise with their own God-given freedom of choice. As you have rightly stated, pity the same people are the ones most likely to become your enemy in the very near future and will not allow you to exercise the same freedom you have been given and all this in the name of “Common Good”.

      This is what is coming to the world very soon. Their plan will still keep moving forward and soon morph into a spiritual nature, until God says “enough is enough”.

    2. In all previous Historical Events of Human Negativity, Survivors will have to resort to Alliances of Like Operational Kin – Leave Relatives, Associates or Media ‘Programmed’ Drones where they are! If ‘They’ haven’t already ‘Awoken’ after ALL that has been Deployed this last 2 – 3 Years, ARE, you going to Bin endless Energies to ‘Shake them up’? A; Should be – NO!
      You ‘Reserve’ your Energy for Survival of ‘Self’, & Direct ‘Aware’ Entities – Partners- Offspring- @ a ‘Sliding Scale’, ‘Surplus’ Energies to Reciprocating Others. This includes Holistic Physical/Spiritual/Productive alliances.
      Placing ANY Energies into current Govt – Agencies -Systems/ Corporate/Civil & Institutionalised Religion, ALL Gambit of Corruptions IS a POOR & NEGATIVE Investment portfolio – For the Individual awake Citizenry, THESE GROUPS & INDIVIDUALS are the Ground Troops & Supervisors of Evil.
      Remain Energy investment Positive & Learn to acquire more Baseline Knowledge, including ‘Offgrid’ Technologies – THE ‘Achillies Heel’ of current ‘Tech & Illness Sciences’ built on a Foundation of Mud, Swamps & Idiocracy! – Doomed to Failure from the Get Go!! – NEVER built for ‘Genuine Reason’, Nor Other, but ‘Control & Coin.’ – Standard Base Developments – ‘Game of Thrones & The Hunger Games’ ARE a ‘Documentary’.
      With ALL the ‘Fallout’ from the CON JOB 19 ‘Viper Vector Soup’ Jabs, wiping out All & Sundry including the ‘Brains- Dreamers- Inventors- Proper Health Purveyors- Artists & Proverbial DOers of THIS PLANET, WHO in the Global Acronymed ‘Resourced Simpletons’ RS, formerly ref’d as some form of ‘Elite’, Is going TO, or IS Capable OF, Putting Middle Class Humpty Dumpty back together again?
      A; NOT THIS BUNCH OF R.S. TWATS! Nor The Squads of ‘YES’ Men! Sorry again! NOR, the Equal Opportunistic He/She/They/IT/ LMFBJQETXYZ – Includes the NEO Scandinavian & Euro Witches of War!
      As with previous Observance @ Zen Do Kai – GAUGE, & EFFECT, THE ‘ECONOMY OF ENERGY’. If a Conflict or Confrontation is NOT advantageous by ANY Metric, withdraw. it IS the End Gambit, that determines the sliding scale of Strategy & Energy Input, for THE FINAL positive outcome.
      Others ‘Outside’ Your Field of Co operation, can engage their own Journey & outcomes. Meter, where possible, Their Character for Personal Change, With appropriate investment by You – or Not, without negativity or Angst in the Interfacing! ‘Tricksies’ arms some Souls!
      SURVIVAL IS AN ALPHA PRIORITY! – Learn New skills, No matter your Age or apparent Invalidities! Still Converse with Folk, & be Surprised by ‘Book by Cover’ readings of Individuals.
      Da Dah Da Dah Ta Tah – Media Jingle – NO Ads;;;
      GOOD NEWS After All of that! Priority Info for The MS Media blinkered Masses investing in the ‘Reality’ of Circus World & the Drone Factory Alliance; JUST IN!
      “Here @ MS & Soc IT To Me Media, WE value your Patronage& We — Blah Blah Blah— & WE, provide a 24 Hour UNbiased, sorry un, Not the U.N. Biased, News service (U.N. – quick go to a Commercial so they get Subliminated with ads bollox)!
      ‘And 4,3,2,1, Go’.
      “Here @ MS & Soc IT To Me Media, WE, in Co operation with our ‘Competitors’ are Now fully Sharing & Lockstepping from the Same Playbook for Continuity of Real Information ON, Short – Medium-Long COVID # Something. OH! & WE’VE got a COCK! (Code Of Conduct Knowledge). SO, when you see on OUR Co Operative News, the Huge amount of Deaths & Adverse Reactions from some possibly related, or the Only Outcome from CON JOB Jabs which IS ‘Pumping Up’ our Illness Hospital Code Black Numbers, just KNOW that it’s NOT True! Because we have a COCK!
      When your Entertainment Idols & Sporting Stars ‘Fall Over’ or Die on Stage, Cycling in the Open Country, OR @ a Game Arena, THEY are Just ‘Playing’! That’s right – Because we ARE a COCK, When you see High Inflation Numbers BECAUSE of Government Agencies MISManagements/ Incompetence & Over Printing of Monopoly Money, It’s not true! Because we have a COCK!
      When you have to ReMortgage your House to pay for a Tank of Fuel for your Car, & Increased Charges from Monopolising Resources Utilities, It’s Not True! IT’S JUST TEMPORARY, UNTIL YOU DIE! Why are YOU Selfish to own a Home, & use a Private Vehicle, when you could/ Should Use Public Transport That DOES NOT service your Area! We know this because WE have a COCK! Global Images of Russian Forces & ALL Manufactured News against THEM are True! Because WE have a COCK (Quick Bin those Incriminating Yemen & Palestine Graphics!). Apologies, that was an UNinvited appearance of Mis/Dis/information. When You visit the Supermarket & the Food Shelves are Empty, Know that WE had to Purposefully Destroy those Food Factories & Kill ALL of those Nasty Perfectly fit Animals, to ‘Protect You’ from their Purposeful intention to Poison US Humans with Methane & CO2, which WE with a COCK need for Global Warring. For OUR Collective benefit – ‘Together/ Apart’ We will turn you into Vegans to make it Easier for Cleaners to Disinfect Shelves from some Upcoming ‘Stockpiled’ Animal Pox! We report this to You because WE Collectively have a COCK!
      OH! In amongst ALL of this Manufactured News, Johnny Depp has won his Court Case against his Former Partner, AND, has put out a New recorded Musical melody to celebrate!
      & now a message from our Finite Fully purchased COCK Sponsors;
      IF you see or Hear Anything which you feel is in a Breach of, or something wrong with the COCK in our Breaches, write to us @ our UNattended P.O.Box. If you’re sending this from Victoria via standard Auspost Mail, please allow 2 Months for transit!
      WE @ M.S & Social Media Services are FULLY U.N.subscribable!”
      Don’t forget to find some form of Artistic, Culinary or Beverage Ventilation.
      Wellness to All, as usual.

      1. Great comments John Dawe. What I find flabbergasting, two and a bit years into this pandemic, is the fact that people just like a colleague of mine, still think that all the lies, deceptions, vaccine-induced deaths and injuries, the lockdowns and the coercion to take the vaccine, the coming SCS and UBI, the trans-humanism and the plandemic, are nothing more than mere conspiracy theories. I nearly fell over when I heard what came out of his mouth today. How stupid can you be and remain despite the evidence.

        1. ‘Intelligence’ is not marked by the Competition of ‘Acquisition of Numerous Merit’ Plaques, Wallpapering some Intellectual/ Politic / Technocrat’s/ or THE ENDLESS USELESS APPARENT ‘SPECIALISTS’ Office or Den wall. I know at least a few former School folk, with photographic memories. They Blitzed exams, whilst the rest of us had to wait for their Dust to clear, to just scrape in Completions on time. I use to feel like a Pratt, asking several times about Subject principles, to eventually ‘Get it’. I’m still No Guru.
          The Difference between the ‘Photo Memory’ Students are, & this is a Generalisation, that most of these are Constrained by their ‘Memorized Fixed Principles’, setting ‘Boundaries’. Those who, like me, finally grasped the ‘Idea of Principle’, look beyond, & , What Boundaries? THE ‘Principle’ is Only A ‘Baseline Guide’ – Currently.
          I am a ‘Practical person’ & ‘hands on’ as a Tradie. Allying this with Principle, gives me an Edge on ‘Actual’ Design principles, problem Solving & Actual Tangible Compounding of Knowledge. This also gives Insight into CRAP Technologies, including Failure @ Vision/ False or ‘Ordinary’ concepts of Engineering outcomes – In enough Fields. Examples;
          – Solar Energy/ A waste of time except Small installations.
          – Wind power / Give me a Break! This issue was resolved 50 Years ago WITHOUT the current Pillock engineers Nor their Dodgy inadequate Solutions.
          – Nuclear Energy – Just WOULD ANYONE? Amongst other ‘Issues’, See ‘Decommissioning protocols & O/All life span of Systems. investment.
          AND, ALL of these are Heavily Subsidised, by US – that ‘Ain’t a Level Playing Field’, by ANY Metric!! Don’t Tell the Green Parties or La La Land WEF.
          Australia – Your Stock, Farm – Station Dams, ARE the WRONG Design – An inverted Pyramid with High Evaporation rates & stock pollution transfer mediums! – Go see the Ancient Persians/ Egyptians & Romans who ‘Solved’ this 2 – 4,000 Years PLUS Ago! & maybe observe generally – Roman KISS Systems. – Keep It Simple Stupid.
          I mention these Few, because of time. The Impractical designers today, are ‘Concept Only’ Idealists, Lauded for Impractical, Non – grounded Thought, but to whom, Vast amounts of Resources are ‘WASTED’ for NO REASONABLE return – Coin or Broad Spectrum Energies.
          Your Colleague, in whatever ‘Field’ He is involved in, MUST be on a different Journey to You. This is the ‘Economy of Energies’ Investments, whether it is a Relative/ Partner/ Colleague/Associate Or Any of their offspring – Predominantly Teenagers or>, but before the ‘System’ Program’s their brains – IF you can find these anymore. Mostly Good people, but how far do you invest, & to what purpose, whilst trying to survive THE System that we are All immersed in currently? – Proper ‘Conservation’!
          He, your colleague, probably also ‘believes’ in the Engineering Impossibilities, Timing & Coincidental ‘MAGIC’ In Plain Sight of U.S. Sept 11, U.K.- London 7/7, & for a Local Flavour – Bali.
          I tried explaining Everyday Physics/ chemical engineering + Time as a plain concept to previous work Associates, on the afore mentioned ‘Incidents’. I, was ‘Over ruled’ by M.S.Media Mass brain programming, even AFTER, I’d explained the ‘IMPOSSIBILITIES’ & ‘They’ had already ‘Agreed’, COULD NOT BE DONE! Even explained Relevant NATO ‘protocol Excerpts’ from ‘Operation Gladio’, pertaining to said Incidents.
          Result; Silence. Followed by several “Aren’t YOU With us?” – “ER, No!”

          Last; Coincidence definition for Monday’s Experts & ‘Professional Plaque accumulators’;
          Conspiracy Theory + Co operations (MUST Incl. MS & Soc it to Me Media) + Time = Reality!
          Think the Sheep might have gone home now! LOL!
          Sorry. tried to make this shorter. A ditty maybe, next time.
          Wellness as usual. – ‘Economy of Energy.’

  3. I was going to say all the companies still mandating the poison are of course doing so unlawfully, unconstitutionally and in defiance of the Nuremberg Code…but who has the time and more importantly, the money to challenge them in the Courts? And can the courts be relied upon to deliver justice in the face of convid1984? Generally they have provided the answer to this: No.

    Then I saw Watzzupsport’s comment and have to say that I agree. Compliance with any of the convid1984 bullshit, and especially quax mandates, has consequences for us all, which he spells out.

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