October 1, 2023

8 thoughts on “ATAGI recommends fourth COVID jab for immunocompromised adolescents aged 12-15 years

  1. Anyone still not aware that pHARMa puppets such as ATAGI, the TGA, AHPRA and the AMA are trying to kill and injure as many Australians as they can with the poison quax? All of their officials should spend at least a decade in gaol.

    1. These evil parasites should spend the rest of their lives in solitary confinement, never to see the light of day ever again for their part in mass murder, Graham. They should never have contact with another human being ever again either. They should be fed through a chute so as not to come in contact with guards or any form of light till they’re dead. Even that is not harsh enough for the pain, suffering and death they’ve caused.
      Sadly, these evil parasites will get away with their evil atrocities with no punishment whatsoever, because the legal system is corrupt to core and rigged in their favour.
      I’ve never felt so much anger and hate towards anyone ever, till now!

  2. I thought that immunizations were supposed to give you immunity to said disease, but apparently not if you need continual doses!

  3. This is not my idea. Bill Bernays Gates said.” If we work it right we will have 10 million people in Australia by 2025. I wonder where the rest of us may be ?

    1. ‘Where the rest of us will be?’;
      Mining for SATAN, 1.8 Metres down, ‘Sponsored’ by THE WEF, Their ‘P.E.T.S’ – Aust CORPORATE Govt (Fed & State – All Major Parties are ‘Welcome’ + a ‘Welc Trust’ of same name)., ‘
      Sponsored’ by; THE Peter DoHURTy Institute – Big Pharma Mercenaries- ‘Fully Purchased’ advisors to ATAGI,
      ‘Sponsored’ by; IMF/World Bank, & Their P.E.T.S Australian Industry/ Govt – THE SPICE MUST FLOW- Relavent ‘Tracked & Compliant Slaves’ WILL be provided from THE ‘Survivors’ of Jabaroo protocols! Mmm, Jabaroo! That’s a Nice Local Flavour in Sound to it!
      ALL other Survivors, Still, with independent thought, will be given a free incarceration, – ER, Apologies, Free Club OZ membership @ Camp ‘Aussie Leper’, free Temporary lodgings, free 24 Hr access to facilities including spa, pools & Saunas @ In Vogue, Club ‘Z’yklon B, Free GiftGas – sponsored by the Original owners of ‘Products for Nostalgia’- ‘These’ Products Proudly bought to you by STILL Operational – Once together- I.G.Farben 3rd Reich Military Industrial complex Corporations – After WW2 ‘Tour of Duty’ – Now apart – /Bayer-BASF-Hoechst,-Agfa-Chemische Fabrik Grieshelm- Elektron,& Chemische Fabrik vorm.Weiler Ter Meer. STILL trusted Household Names & ‘Comfortably’ Familiar, From ‘Farm to Domestic Kitchen Plates’! – Our Popular Motto; ‘TRACKED IS BEST! A GLIMPSE OF FUTURE THINK!’
      (Please Note; Zyklon B,(Prussian, -sorry -Prussic Acid) as of Year 1974, has been ‘Rebadged’ Cyanosil to give IT, a Fresh Marketing Image – HOORAH!
      Special thanks; SBS for CONTINUALLY, STRATEGICALLY, ‘Concentrating’ on this ‘Moment in history’! – AS always – WHY? AH! – ‘Lest WE Forget!’ = Outcome. LOL!
      I feel an acronym in relevance coming on; NAZI NotoriousArsewipesandZaneyIndustrialists. the ‘Z’ is currently in vogue in several Current environments. WWZ in the current Ukraine & Global DEpopulation Swindle/Diversion – Leading to ‘Z’PG, &, some Elite Group in Israel- currently Genociding with extra ‘Z’est their own ‘Apparent’ Precious populations. Or were previous Jewish folk, ALWAYS, strategic Leverage?- ‘Z’Zion Accountacy- Our Motto;’ NEVER let a ‘Debit’ go to Waste, OR, A Debit Plus time = an ACTUAL Credit in Strategic time!’ “Shylock, My Man! ZZ – NEVER Snoo’Z’ing Accountant!”
      And for the Nautical / Terra (Terror) ‘Influences’, alternate ‘InfluenZas’, we have the ever popular Musical (World) Staged show-The Nautical version; ‘Down amongst the Zd Men!’ Sharing Sponsored by Astra’Z’eneca & Saynofi-ng Compounding Giants. ‘Sharing’ about 200,000 ‘Compounds’ in Fact!
      The Terra/ Terror Forming version; ‘Mining for G.E.M.s, A Global business unit’. Sponsored by Bayer & Saynofi-ng, & our Upper Executives ‘Switching Teams’, as reported via BioSpace. ‘RSV’p Product if interested in ‘Ticketing’ access!
      Bayer News; Reporting on the Ground from Bayern HQ, our Inside ‘Parent’ Man (He/She/They) ManSanto, who, Not W.H.O., brought you his Block Buster ‘EXclusive’ report on ; ‘The WONDERFUL WORLD OF GLYTHOSATE – A Study of DENaturalising Planet Earth’, we proudly present ManSanto’s NEO exclusive offering Report; ‘pHARMa CHEM Sharing is Caring, with Toxic CoV Vector ‘SOUPS’ delivered to ONE & ALL associated Quaxx Labs’. Corporate competition in the Quest for Benevolence, Human Health & Existence ‘Dead’ then? OMG, Ama’Z’ing!
      ManSanto also reports that ; “ALL are OnBoard with the new ‘Baseline Soup’ – B.S., to keep ‘product’ @ a ‘Uniform Set Quality ‘E’FFECTIVE’ Control level!
      Resource Report; For the ‘Rest’ of us. It IS the only time WE will get a ‘Rest’!
      ‘Trending UP’! SATAN Mining; StillAcceptingTorturousAffluentNetworks.
      Thought for the Day; – (This will cost you 666 NWO ‘Credits’ for Thought Crime);
      Slaves, A word from your last Mentor-Hacker; M-H – without the 3’s – M3H3
      “THIS IS YOUR LAST HOORARi!” Look for M.S. Media to ‘Share’ THIS with you, in their next News, or Land Report bulletin! – Stay tuned;
      Industrial ‘Resources’; “The Spice MUST Flow!”
      Human ‘Resources’; “The Sheep MUST kNOw!”
      Last; ADF ‘Modelling on Populations’, MUST NOT be taken ‘Seriously’ – IT’S a Model ONLY.
      ALL, other ‘Modelling’ IS apparently ‘TO BE TAKEN AS GOSPEL, & IS A ‘SCIENCE TRUTHING OF ‘GODS’!!
      SAS Alt Opt; ‘WHO dares Question, LOSES!’ – How’s that working for you?
      Wellness. LOL!! Too much? – NEVER!

  4. these particular groups are the most likely to suffer from serious adverse reactions too… hence why they never included them in the studies. this is sick.

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