September 25, 2023

5 thoughts on “Discussion: Agenda 2030, smart technology, freedom movement

  1. Well done again, gents…always informative and entertaining. Good to get the [clearly fraudulent] election out of the way and into Season 31…more opportunities to stick it up the fake “authorities” and “leaders”. I am coming up to Brisbane again to see the family. Another baby is due…I hope all goes smoothly.

    I have been at it again:

    If this link doesn’t work, a search using freedomadelaide Dr Graham Lyons no bulldust should find it: my recent “farm talk” covering Convid1984, the quax and the election.

    1. Good on You Graham! Carry on ‘getting Carried away’! Yes, I’ve seen more backbone in the Spine of a paperback book, than in most of The Population! RSL inclusive after a ‘NO SHOW’ @ first CON JOB 19, ‘Surrendering’ of National ANZAC Day ‘Testing of Resistance!’ – FAIL! (With vacuous applause.) Except – You can stand at the end of Ya collective driveways, or a Virtual driveway, if you live in a high rise flat! & that’s not even bringing ‘Them’ into the Collaborative 1 act play, @ Melbourne remembrance shrine. Lucky M.S. media was on hand ,AFTER, the Import Goon squads ‘Cleared the area’ of NON Compliant Men/Woman/Children -Australian Citizenry!
      Always wondered if said ‘MIB – Victoria’ (Soros’s SCN SS/ SD squads), had a ‘Sanitation squad’, go around & pick up the ‘Spent’ rubber bullet cartridges & Mace cans, used in supressing THE NEWLY ‘Tagged’ Local Domestic terrorists, BEFORE the Circus Factory – MS Media, are ‘Let in’ to Continue ‘The Play’!
      Lost my job of 10 years in Resource industry, for ‘Failure to comply’ with Across the Board Corporate ‘SUPPORTED’ Mandatory jabbing. I AM WELL IN FRONT! Still got my backbone, My Health, My Anatomical Sovereignty & Logical thought! AND, DAMN THE PHYSICAL TRINKETS OF CONSUMERISM, AND MASS SLAVERY ENTICEMENTS! Apart from a Few colleagues at Work, ALL stepped up to the Sheep Drench Station. Also told said Colleagues that A) Worried about losing your house/ cars/ big screen T.Vs? After ‘Your’ Jabs, if you have an adverse reaction, THEY would LOSE ALL this anyway, AND, Be Shagged on their Health – WITH ZERO Accountabilities by Govt., Nor The Corporations ‘Requiring’ the ‘Medical Procedures for Employment! AND, ZER ‘Health Support!’ As HAS, been shown!! Except; “WHY Aren’t YOU Dead yet?” And B) If ALL of US Collectively ‘Refuse to get Jabbed’, inside of 1 ‘Swing’ (FIFO), THEY, the Govt/Corporate Collective, would have to ‘Fold’ on quaxx, because there Wouldn’t be enough personnel on the ground to sustain Resources productions! – THE SPICE MUST FLOW! Obviously TOO Easy, TOO Difficult! “Can you People get in a line for your Dip?” – YES SIR-RY BUB!
      As different to the ‘Jabbed’ Physical woes, Pre CON JOB 19 Drone population Factor aside, a lot of said jabbed, appear to be ‘Lost’ when you look into their eyes! Seems a Loss of ‘Natural Connectivity’ – Sparkless. Perhaps this Section of Human History is a forced Genesis, to the Next ‘Stage’ of Evolution – WITHOUT Harari’s FKN ‘Hacking’ Bullshit! – Graham, your cow’s should be safe Mate, on Swindle CO2 ‘Outputs’! Harari’s putting out MORE than your Herd, Combined -PLUS! LOL.
      Matrix architect; “Be assured Neo, this is the sixth time that we have had to – “.
      Wellness as always.

  2. If Folks had ANY ‘Doubt’ about the new P.M., being ‘Somehow different’ to the Former Kirribilli House seat buffer, per; P.M. Globalist WEF/U.N/IMF P.E.T. Prime Minstrel Scamo, Old & New Fed Party Govt; THE SAME COIN. – COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA – U.S. Corporation – Reg # CIK 0000805157.
    Not even having His ‘Paw’ Cooled from ‘swearing in’ to protect Australian Citizenries & National ALPHA ‘Interests’, & ‘Bend the Kneesey’ HOT Footed it off to Japan, to get THE Orders & Future Protocols, from HIS new Globalist Controllers! – NO surprises there! NOR, Any surprises that ‘Labor’ Strategically ‘Won’ the recent ‘Proxy’ Contest. Nor is it by accident, that State & Federal elections are ‘Split’ @ 2 year intervals.
    As for the current Plethora of Agendas 21/2025 (World Bank project COVID-19 Strategic Preparedness and Response Program -SPRP – project/ ID P 173789 – Start Date 02/04/2020. Expected project Closing Date31/03/2025). Agendas 2030/2050/ 20 >Wahzoo/ Project ‘CO2 W.A.N.K.’ & not forgetting ID 2020. SORRY AGAIN! Forgot The NWO’s Pre run Gambit of 1975. The UNITED NATIONS LIMA DECLARATION! – ‘Signed’ by Australia. = Global Animal Farm 2.0
    For the ‘Local’ Peasants, & local Flavour, We have the INVIGORATED ‘Rum Corps’. And Like the ‘Genuine’ NAZIS, ‘THEY’, Never Actually went away! The likes of later McArthur & Crew just became Corporations – AND, Still aligned to Merry Olde England, &, ‘Jubilant’ Lizzie ‘En All!
    And as for Arthur Phillip – Formerly of N.S.W & any of his Moral Ilk ARE Permanently Missing in Action.
    This Cannot be said for the Character of Major Francis (Very) Grose. Australian State & Federal politicians/ Premiers/ Enforcement ‘Commanders’ – Vaxx incl.,/Illness Dept & Medic ‘Heads’/ & Corporates of course/ well Resourced Simpletons (NO longer referred to as ‘Elites’, but RS), ARE all lining up to ‘Fill’ this position!
    Can ANYONE, P a l e a s e, tell Me what a P. Wong is doing ‘Junketing’ her way – Sorry- He/She/They- Way, around the ‘Forgotten’ Pacific region on Local Swindle ‘China Syndrome’? He/She/They – Apparently had NO issues with Darwin Port ‘lease’ for 99 Years to ‘This’ Group – NO Fuss! Then there’s The Timor Gap Treaty – Economic Resource Theft by Australia & Indonesia – 2 STRUGGLING for ‘Resources’ Nations! THE U.N replaced Indonesia in Yr 2000? Which means that ‘They’ are all ‘Diverting THE attentions Strategically, the Wong way’! In between The Dodgy Brothers Normal Poxey elections ‘outfalls’, THE ‘China Syndrome’ &, the Incessant calling of ‘Funding of Ukrainian refugees DESPERATE needs’, by the United Nations / M.S. Corporate MANUFACTURED Media (Australia Incl. – SBS, ‘Nice’ usage of the Emotional /Psych factor ‘Red’ in your AD Banners!) CABAL of Global Gangsters, I must have ‘Missed’ ALL of those Australian Hospital CODE BLACK’S – DIRECTLY Attributed to COVID-19 Govt & AUSTRALIAN CORPORATE BUSINESS & INDUSTRIALS SUPPORTED ‘MANDATORY JAB PROTOCOLS. Now that These ‘Mandates’ have been ‘STRATEGICALLY lifted’, until the ‘Next Excuse for Rolling lockdowns’!! – Now THAT, IS, a Proper – LEST WE FORGET! Now, rock out and WITHHOLD your ‘Wallet’ from the Corporates & Individuals, WHO, & who, ostracised YOU, as some form of Leper, during CON JOB -19.
    Bring back ‘Rubbery Figures’, or ‘Yes Minister’, ‘Tis an Australian Documentary!

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