September 27, 2023

8 thoughts on “Australia’s federal Biosecurity Act has been extended until April

    1. My thoughts also. How did the Gov General make these decisions when not in the country or signed in by the fictitious pseudo Queen of Australia her Manager-sty?

  1. How are they coming up with these fantastic cases numbers ?? The PCR test is bogus and the RAT test is just as bad…. what exactly are they testing for Coivd is pure fiction…. period.

  2. Let’s not forget that Hunt is a former strategist for the World Economic Forum. He almost certainly helped to actually plan the PLANdemic. Hunt might be doing a runner, but he won’t be forgotten. When the good people get their country back, and we implement the Covid Trials, there will be a special place on the gallows for this evil traitor.

  3. On a different note, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article. I LOVE the humour woven into it which had me laughing. Thank you Tott News!

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